Request Funeral HonorsTo schedule military funeral honors, contact your local funeral home or the Military Funeral Honors request form can be downloaded below, and emailed to the Casualty Assistance Center at with the DD Form 214. 

Militatry Funeral Honors Request Form 2024.pngMilitary Funeral Honors request form (2024)





The Casualty Assistance Center does not issue a Burial Flag. If you need a Burial Flag for the Funeral Honors, please complete the  VA Form 27-2008, the the form along with the DD-214 to your local Post Office, and they will issue you one flag free of charge.

VA FORM 27-2008_Page_1.jpgVA Form 27-2008





The Casualty Assistance Center does not keep service members' DD214s or have access to any service members' DD214s. Please download the  Requesting Military Records packet for information on how to obtain a copy for Burial/Funeral Benefits. This office is not able to provide a status of your DD214 request.

Requesting Military Records Packet 2024_Page_1.pngHow to Request Military Records for Veterans Burial/Funeral Benefits





Report a Death

Active Duty

Contact the local Casualty Assistance Center Fort Huachuca by calling 520.508.1589. This is a 24/7 number.


Contact the local Casualty Assistance Center at Fort Huachuca by calling 1.800.248.0759 during the duty hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (Mountain Standard Time).

In accordance with  Army Regulation 600-25 Salutes, Honors & Courtesy (Sept. 10, 2019) Chapter 7, it is Department of Army policy to provide military funeral honors for all present and former military personnel as follows:

a.  Soldiers in active duty status and retirees. Full military funeral honors, consisting of a nine-member team [six pallbearers and/or firing party, a chaplain, and officer and/or NCO in charge, and a bugler (if available)]. The team serves as pallbearers, the firing party, folds and presents the American flag to the next of kin, and plays “Taps.” The decedent’s parent military Service will present the flag. Military funeral honors for retirees is the same as for active duty Soldiers (resources permitting). Medal of Honor recipients will receive full military honors regardless of status.

b.  Veterans. All veterans are entitled to a service detail consisting of at least two uniformed military members, at least one of whom will be from the parent Service of the veteran. The team will fold the American flag and the parent Service representative will present it to the next of kin. Also, every effort will be made to obtain a live bugler to play “Taps.” Otherwise, the team will play “Taps” using an electronic recording.

c.  Resources. Subject to subparagraphs a and b above, local commanders determine the availability of their resources as they pertain to military funeral honors support, the composition of the burial honor details, and any restrictions relating to military honors.

d.  One time only. Soldiers in active duty status, retirees, and veterans are entitled to military funeral honors one time only as referenced in subparagraphs a and b, above.