Fort Huachuca is located in the Southeastern corner of Arizona. Take exit 302 from Interstate 10 and drive south for approximately 25 miles to the Van Deman Gate. This will be the first traffic light after passing through Huachuca City. Turn right at the traffic light to enter the post. The Visitor Control Center will be on your right just prior to the gate guards.

Individuals with a common access card (CAC), military ID, military family member ID, Gold Star/Survivor Access ID, or other valid Department of Defense (DoD) credential, are permitted access to Fort Huachuca.

All U.S. visitors, contractors and vendors, 18 years and older, who do not have a DoD identification card will be subject to a background check before being allowed access to the installation. This is to ensure Fort Huachuca is in compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, which requires 100 percent of visitors be vetted prior to entering the installation. As of October 2020, all visitors must present a REAL ID Act-compliant identification to initiate the background check.

For more information and forms, see Visitor Access.