The Law Enforcement Division is a professionally trained, positive, customer-focused organization providing the community with 24-hour police support to maintain good order and discipline, safety and security for all those who live and/or work at Fort Huachuca.

The Admin Records & Clearing Section provides installation clearing on behalf of the Directorate of Emergency Services for both civilian and military personnel, provides military police reports to subject or victims in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, and assists in commander disciplinary and administrative actions.
The Military Police Investigations (MPI) Section is responsible for investigating reports of larceny, damages, assaults and anything not resolved during normal patrol duties and falling outside the USACID investigative purview. MPI conducts community service functions, school liaison with the Fort Huachuca Accommodation School District and all CYS facilities. MPI serves as the AWOL/Deserter Apprehension team, coordinating all extraditions of Soldiers reported AWOL and Deserter from Fort Huachuca, as well as all Soldiers apprehended by civilian authorities for desertion warrants. MPI is responsible for maintaining the evidence room containing all evidence collected by military police for investigations. MPI maintains a found-property room for all property turned into the Military Police Station.
The mission of the Traffic Section is to promote safety for all citizens through, education, engineering, and high-visibility, proactive, traffic enforcement. The primary goal is the prevention of personal injury and property damage due to unsafe road conditions and traffic collisions.