Purpose: To train Soldiers in Air Assault operations, sling-load operations, and rappelling.  Upon graduation of the course each Soldier will be able to perform skills required to make maximum use of helicopter assets in training and in combat to support their unit operations.

Course Scope: Soldiers are trained on the missions performed by rotary wing aircraft, aircraft safety, aero-medical evacuation procedures, pathfinder operations, principles and techniques of combat assaults, rappelling techniques, and sling-load operations.  The core POI requires minimum support assets and is adaptable to organic aviation elements.  Both the core instruction and the additional instruction are conducted in a classroom/field environment.

Insert Times
Phase One - Day Zero From 1300-1315
Phase Two - Day Three
From 0900-0915
Phase Three - Day Six
From 1245-1300
12 mile Foot March - Day Nine
From 1300-1315

FY21 Class Schedule
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Sling Load Procedure Videos: 
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