MOTORCYCLE ACCESS TO THE BASE: All U.S. military personnel who operate a motorcycle and/or scooter are required to present a valid Motorcycle Safety Foundation card (MSFC) and their CAC card to Gate Security Officers prior to entering the installation. Personnel who fail to present a valid MSFC and CAC card, and fail to be in proper authorized Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be denied access to the installation.

MOTORCYCLE TRAINING INFORMATION: To register for Motorcycle Safety Courses

PURPOSE: The intent of the Army Traffic Safety Training Program (ATSTP) is to meet the regulatory requirements for drivers training as identified in DODI 6055.4, AR 600-55, The Army Driver and Operator Standardization Program and AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program. 

PRE-RIDE INSPECTION: A pre-ride inspection of the motorcycle should be as routine and automatic as checking the weather forecast before heading out for the day. It's quick and easy to check the critical components, and a convenient reminder developed by MSF is the T-CLOCS inspection chart, all of which should be checked before every ride.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The ATSTP is an over-arching program that consists of the following programs: Basic and Experienced Motorcycle Courses, Intermediate Drivers Training, Motorcycle Sport Bike Rider Course, and Driver Improvement Training.

LOCATION: Motorcycle range near Bldg. 399. The training facility is located near the Water Spout.

REQUIREMENT: Successful completion of the Army Traffic Safety Training Program is required for all Soldiers under 26 years of age.

a. All Soldiers less than 26 years of age will receive Intermediate Drivers safety
training when newly assigned to an Army installation.

b. All Soldiers owning or operating a motorcycle, whether on or off-post, are
required to complete the Basic and Experienced Rider Course.

Follow these steps to get your Motorcycle Safety Foundation Card:

Step 1
ENROLLMENT: Military Training NCO coordinates enrollment with the Installation Safety Office. Students may register online for ATSTP training at
The Safety Office CANNOT enroll you!

Step 2
Call Installation Safety Office, at (787) 707-2560 for information and to confirm schedule.
Please provide a personal phone number (NO work phone) so that the Safety Office can notify you of any Course changes.
You MUST be confirmed 10 days prior to the start date!

Step 3

Note: All students will receive electronic confirmation from the IMCOM ATSTP registration service that will validate course completion. This confirmation message will be issued/distributed by IMCOM and it will be the responsibility of each student to give a copy to his/her Training Coordinator.
To register for courses, click on “View Available Courses.” On the following screen, use the “Region” drop down menu and select “Southeast”. Then using the “Garrison” drop down menu select “Fort Buchanan”. After selecting the garrison you will be presented with a current monthly schedule of all courses for the installation. Look at the calendar below to see the courses offered by date and click the date you want. Fill in the student application form. Form submission generates an automatic email back to the student and their designated supervisor notifying them of the registration status. Upon completion of the course the student is marked in AIRS as completed, failed, or no show. Another email is automatically generated notifying the student and supervisor of the final status.