The Fort Belvoir Chapel Community is advertising the following FY19 chapel contract positions. These NAF contracts are paid for by the Chapel Tithes and Offering Fund (CTOF). The contract period of performance is: 1 Oct 18 – 30 Sept. 19.  Bid sheets will be available starting 9 Jul 18, at the Fort Belvoir Chapel administrative office, 5950 12th Street, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060. Once complete, return the “sealed” package to the Chapel Administrative Office and place in the box NLT 31 Jul 18. For more information, call 703-806-3316.

Choir Director – 0800 Protestant Service
Protestant Organist – 0800 Protestant Service
Soprano Section Leader– 0800 Protestant Service
Tenor Section Leader– 0800 Protestant Service
Alto Section Leader– 0800 Protestant Service
Bass Section Leader– 0800 Protestant Service
Chapel Next Worship Leader – Chapel Next Service
Children’s Church Coordinator – Chapel Next
Watchcare Coordinator - Community
Iconography Instructor - Community
Gospel Bass Player – Gospel Service
Gospel Keyboard Player – Gospel Service
Gospel Drummer – Gospel Service
Gospel Music Ministry Leader – Gospel Service
Gospel Choir Director – Gospel Service
Jewish Coordinator - Jewish
Hebrew Teacher - Jewish
Protestant Youth Coordinator – Protestant Community
Awana Coordinator - Community
Accompanist Pianist – Protestant Liturgical
Catholic Choir Director (1100) - Catholic
Catholic Pastoral Life Coordinator - Catholic
Catholic Organist (SAT 1700) – Catholic
Catholic Organist (0930 Mass) - Catholic
Catholic Organist (1100 Mass) – Catholic
Soprano Section Leader/Cantor- Catholic
Tenor Section Leader/Cantor- Catholic
Alto Section Leader/Cantor- Catholic
Bass Section Leader/Cantor- Catholic