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Effective November 7, 2016 a new Transition Policy was commenced by Department of Army. The eForm process is now to be used by all transitioning Service Members. Current eForm consolidates and replaces former DD Forms 2648, 2648-1, and the 2958. The eForm procedure plays a crucial role during the Transition and consists of three phases: Phase I - Preseparation Assessment; Phase II - Capstone CRS Review; Phase III - Commander’s Verification. Service Members and Commanders are able to verify the progress of the eForms at the DoDTAP website. Please note: SMs will NO LONGER be able to provide a copy of the DD Form 2648 to request their orders and/or chapter packet. The eForm is the new form/requirement. For more details regarding new eForm 2648 process, please contact your TAP Career Counselor or Fort Riley TAP at 785-239-2278/2248 or TAP Virtual Center at 1-800-325-4715. For appointments please call 785-239-2278.



The VA pre-discharge program, called Benefits Delivery at Discharge, allows Service members to file claims for disability compensation from 180 to 90 days prior to separation or retirement from active duty or full-time National Guard duty.  Claims processing times tend to be much shorter for claims submitted prior to discharge.   

It is important to submit your disability compensation claim as close to 180 days prior to discharge as possible.   This time is needed to complete your medical exam.  The in-service exam may increase the ability to establish service connection for your condition(s).  
To apply, visit the Benefits Delivery at Discharge page.

You can also file your claim prior to discharge under the Fully Developed Claim program, the standard VA claims process, or any other qualifying VA claims program.  We encourage you to work with an accredited representative who can assist you with the claims process.

 You may also apply for other VA benefits prior to separation from service, such as Vocational Rehabilitation and EmploymentEducation, and Loan Guaranty benefits.