Out-processing Procedures

Location: Central Clearing Agency (CCA) 210 Custer Avenue, on Main Post.

Email: usarmy.riley.imcom.mbx.dhr-out-processing@mail.mil.

All Soldiers clearing this installation must be in duty uniform for all stops. A copy of the Soldier’s orders, leave form / unit memo and Questionnaire requesting out-processing installation clearing papers can be sent via email to the out-processing section as early as 60 days prior to clearing but NLT 48 hrs prior to picking up clearing papers.

Installation clearing papers are valid for 30 days. The final date for clearing will be indicated on the Soldiers’ clearing papers. If circumstances make this date impossible, Soldier will be placed back into the system and re-cleared by work centers. Exceptions authorized on a case by case basis through the CCA Manager.

Clearing Procedures

A copy of the Soldier’s orders and request installation final out-processing appointment memo along with the out-processing questionnaire requesting out-processing installation clearing papers is sent via email to out-processing from the clearing Soldier's S1. This allows installation agencies to pre-clear the Soldier thus reducing up to 80 percent of the places a Soldier will have to go to out-process. Request must be received NET 60 days and NLT 48 hours prior to when the Soldier will pick up his installation clearing papers from the Central Clearance Agency (CCA) in Building 210. Last minute submissions result in fewer agencies pre-clearing the Soldier.

For Soldiers that are separating by Chapter, they will need to get their memorandum authorizing them to clear the Installation without orders signed off by the Transition Center (TC). Soldier will take that signed memorandum to the CCA to begin clearing. For Soldiers that are permanent change of station (PCS), expiration time of service (ETS), or Retirement (RET), S1s will send the orders, leave form and questionnaire requesting out-processing via email to:
usarmy.riley.imcom.mbx.dhr-out-processing@mail.mil alias: Riley DHR Out Processing.

Soldiers will pick up their Unit Clearance Record (DA Form 137-1) at their unit.

Soldiers can pick up the Installation Clearance Record (Fort Riley form) at the Central Clearance Agency
(CCA) in Building 210 ten (10) working days before start of transition leave or permissive TDY (PTDY)
taken in conjunction with PCS, ETS, or retirement.

If no transition leave or TDY is taken, clearance records can be picked up ten working days prior to the actual ETS or retirement date. Soldiers pending separation receive clearance forms as soon as the separation is initiated with the commander's memor andum to clear without published orders. Soldiers are exempt from duty rosters and routine duties ten (10) working days prior to ETS, PCS, or retirement. Clearing time for transfer from one unit to another on post is normally one (1) duty day plus time r equired to turn in or be issued CTA-50 clothing and equipment, if required. This may be extended by the Commander in the case of Soldiers without POVs using government transportation.

Soldiers will be required to report to one formation each day during the clearance period unless excused
by proper authority. This allows the commander/1SG to monitor the progress of soldiers' clearance.
Soldiers will be free to use time not required to clear military agencies to accomplish medical and
administrative requirements, conclude personal affairs, and prepare for movement. Only the unit commander or his/her representative can sign the Commander/1SGs signature on the Unit Clearance Record. When the unit commander is clearing the installation, clearance records will be signed by his rater or rater's authorized Deputy/XO.

Officers in the grade of Colonel (06) and above may designate a representative to clear the installation for
them. However, these officers must personally clear their family quarters or bachelor quarters (BOQ) and arrange for shipment of household goods. All Soldiers must clear their hand receipts and/or property books prior to their final CCA appointment. Soldiers being administratively separated from the Army must complete installation clearance p
rior to reporting to the Transition Point for processing. CIF must be cleared as soon as possible after notification
that a Soldier is being processed for administrative separation. Soldiers conducting themselves improperly during out-processing will be returned to their unit for corrective action. Soldiers pending separation under certain Chapters will require an escort during out-processing. Escorts will be of equal grade or higher (minimum E4) than the Soldier being separated.

All Soldiers will be in proper military uniform while clearing Fort Riley, to include final clearance at CCA.
After Soldiers clear CCA and the Transition Center or Retirement Services, they must sign out through
their unit before leaving the installation.