The RCI is the Army's highly successful Public Private Venture program whereby the Army has partnered with the private sector, Corvias, to privatize on-post housing.  RCI is truly about partnering with the private sector and meeting the RCI goals and objectives for a better quality of life for the active duty soldier and his family. The Army's RCI provides oversight and support services, liaison services, oversee tenant relations and protect the interests of the U.S. government, military services and families.

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Did you know that all on-post residents are protected by the Tenant Bill of Rights as linked on the main housing page?

Right #14 states that, “The right to enter into a standardized, formal dispute resolution process, should all other methods be exhausted, to ensure the prompt and fair resolution of disputes that arise between landlords and Tenants concerning maintenance and repairs, damage claims, rental payments, move-out charges, and such other issues relating to housing units. The dispute resolution process shall contain the following elements: installation or regional commander as deciding authority; a process for withholding allotment of rental payments; standard mechanisms and forms for requesting dispute resolution; minimal costs to Tenants for participation; a completed investigation within seven days; and except in limited circumstances, a decision within 30 days and in no event longer than 60 days. A decision in favor of the Tenant may include a reduction in rent or an amount to be reimbursed or credited to the Tenant.”

We ask that you work through the Corvias Property Management Team and use the services offered by the Military Housing Office (MHO) to assist in any concerns or issues you have that cannot be solved at your neighborhood level. If you have worked with the Corvias Operations Director and the Fort Meade Housing Chief and your issue still cannot be resolved, the MHO can provide you with the paperwork to start an Informal Dispute.

The Informal Dispute Resolution process is a measured approach intended to resolve disputed at the garrison level. Details of the process can be found in the Universal Lease that most residents signed.  If moved in prior to the universal lease and your lease has not been updated, please contact the MHO to get details.

The MHO can be reached at (301) 677-7748

To reach your Community Assistant Manager/Manager or the Operation Director by working through your Neighborhood Office  

Potomac Place:                                              410-672-2981

Meuse Forest:                                                410-672-2475

Midway Commons:                                       410-672-2301

Heritage Park/Normandy Bluffs:               410-672-2000

Service Center Coordinator:                       410-672-4055

More information can be found on the Corvias resident Service Request Process form on the main housing page.  

Annual Housing Satisfaction Survey

The Housing Services Office is composed of three divisions, the Housing Services Office (HSO), Unaccompanied Housing and Army Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) Division. The HSO assists eligible personnel in finding adequate affordable rental housing in the immediate surrounding community's. Unaccompanied personnel housing is for junior enlisted service members who report to Fort Meade and are assigned barracks rooms. The Army RCI and privatized housing partner at Fort Meade is Corvias. Corvias offers premier on post housing to eligible personnel and their families.  Each division has experienced personnel and is dedicated in providing excellent customer service to incoming active duty soldiers and their families.

  1. Housing Services Office Division - The HSO offers individual off-post counseling and referral assistance; listings of local real estate brokers and property managers; listings of apartment and condominium complexes; review of leases and rental agreements; assist with mediating disputes between tenants and landlords; provides base information including area maps, handout material and brochures.
  2. Unaccompanied Housing Division - Unaccompanied Housing is managed by each unit.   The Housing Division provides oversight and assistance to the units.  Housing manages the approval of accounts for the Enterprise Military Housing (eMH) data base and monitors the electronic lock key cutting data bases for the barracks room key cards

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