Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! As you prepare for your permanent change of station, the team at Joint Base Lewis-McChord stands ready to help you settle into your new home and get to know the area. Inside the Welcome Packet, you'll find information about: on and off-base housing, temporary lodging, counseling and education, arrival information, inprocessing, BAH rates, the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office, schools, pets, local communities, maps, FAQs, and more.

The Housing Division offers a broad array of housing services for service members, their families and Department of Defense civilians including the following:

  • Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Services – Includes on base barracks and dormitories and Certificate of Non-Availability processing
  • On Base Family Housing Services – Includes privatized family housing provided by our housing partner, Lewis-McChord Communities, powered by Lincoln Military Housing.
  • Off Base Housing Services – Includes off base housing education and referral assistance
  • Temporary lodging options
  • Relocation assistance for your next duty station
  • Tips for PCSing homeowners who must rent or sell their homes

About on-base family housing

The Department of Defense is fully committed to ensuring our Nation's most valued resource-its military service members and their families-have access to safe, quality, and well-maintained homes and communities on DOD installations.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2020 set out rights of military service members and their families (tenants) residing in privatized housing.  The DOD commits to ensuring that privatized housing Tenants receive quality housing and fair treatment form the Military Housing Privatization Initiative project owners (MHPI companies) that operate and maintain privatized housing.

JBLM's RCI partner is Lewis-McChord Communities, Lincoln Military Housing.  LMC is committed to the NDAA rights. Prospective residents should review the attached Plain Language Briefing and Tenant Responsibilities before signing for a home. 

JBLM has taken great strides towards providing service members and their families with the quality housing they deserve. JBLM Family Housing participates in the Residential Communities Initiative program conducted by the Department of Army. The Army has chosen a management and development partner from the private sector to manage the family housing communities, to build new housing, renovate existing housing and demolish and rebuild existing housing in other areas.

There are approximately 5,000 family housing units in 22 communities. Each is equipped with a stove and refrigerator, dishwasher and/or disposal, and washer/dryer hook-up. Many of the units have either a carport or garage. Home type pictures and floor plans can be viewed at ⚠ Lewis-McChord Communities.

Residing in base housing is voluntary, not mandatory, except for personnel assigned to key and essential positions, as designated by the installation commander. All service members assigned to JBLM are eligible to apply for base housing. 

Eligible service members wishing to apply for base housing may do so upon arrival by visiting Building 5128 on Pendleton Avenue, or apply in advance by clicking  here.

Housing Services Office

The HSO offers the following services:

  • Educate personnel on thier rights under Service Members Civil Relief Act
  • Provide referral recourses and maps of the local area 
  • Answer specific questions about lease terms
  • Teach home buying workshops
  • Mediate tenant/landlord disputes

Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) Services/Army Barracks Management Program (ABMP)

Unaccompanied Soldiers (E5 and below) are required to reside in barracks and in-process with their Unit S1 and then with the appropriate barracks manager.  

Unaccompanied Airmen (E4 and below with less than three years time in service) are required to in-process at the Consolidated Dormitory Office at 566 Outer Circle Drive on McChord Field.

Lodging/Temporary Accommodations

On-Base Lodging - IHG Army Hotels manages and operates the day-to-day functions of on base lodging. Personnel interested in making on base lodging arrangements may contact IHG Army Hotels at 1-877-711-TEAM or click  here. Because JBLM lodging has been privatized, personnel are no longer required to obtain a Statement of Non-Availability to make off base lodging arrangements.

For a list of extended stay and lodging options in the JBLM area that offer service members special rates, please email JBLM HSO at USARMY.JBLM.ID-READINESS.LIST.DPW-RCD-HSO@MAIL.MIL.  Options provided will include hotels offering special extended stay rates and rental homes that can be rented on a short-term basis.  For rental properties that offer leases of three months or longer, please contact the HSO via email or by phone at 253-967-3581.

Please consider visiting the HSO upon arrival for updated information on special rates.  The HSO is not affiliated with the listed properties and is providing this information as reference only.