The Army Public Health Center is offering FREE DoD Military Tick Identification/Confirmation Kits, MiLTICK.  What is MilTICK and why should you be interested?  It is a FREE tick testing and identification service available to DoD personnel and their dependents.   Individuals eligible to submit include Active Duty Service Members, National Guard Personnel, Reservists in all Services, Civilian Personnel working for the DoD or any of the Services (including Army Corps of engineers), Contractors supporting DoD or any of the Services, Retired Service Members, Dependents, including spouses, parents or children of any of these categories.


Ticks can be submitted following the instructions on the MilTICK form and results will be reported back to the sender within two weeks or less.  The results will be used to track ticks and tick borne pathogens by location, and can also be used by patients who wish to seek medical guidance and/or treatments for possible exposure to tick-borne disease.   See the submission process and list of eligible users on the following link: