Support the U.S. Army, the U.S. Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox and the surrounding community by providing the commanding general with a continuous assessment of the effectiveness of the command thru:

  • Assistance to commanders, Soldiers, Families and civilians from both on and off post
  • Conducting teaching/training, assistance, inspections and investigations
  • Monitoring and providing feedback on trend analysis


  • Assessing the state of and improving readiness, mission, performance, discipline, efficiency, economy, and esprit/morale.
  • Supporting commanders and assisting Soldiers.
  • Identifying systemic problems and recommending viable solutions.
  • Improving quality of life for the entire community.


Contact Your Command IG


V Corps

Supports: all units and personnel assigned to V Corps
Contact: Assistance and Investigations: 502-624-3124

US Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox

Supports: US Army Garrison - Fort Knox, Senior ROTC, Junior ROTC, area support and community personnel assigned to cadet command or who require assistance regarding a Fort Knox or cadet command issue.
Contact: Assistance and Investigations: 502-624-7747

US Army Recruiting Command

Supports: USAREC nationwide mission, personnel assigned to USAREC, or personnel who require assistance regarding recruiting issues.
Contact: Assistance and Investigations: 502-626-0939/0414

Human Resources Command

Supports: HRC Army - wide personnel assigned to HRC or who require assistance regarding HRC actions.
Contact: Assistance and Investigations: 502-613-4427/4291

1st Theater Sustainment Command

Supports: All units and personnel assigned to 1st TSC.
Contact: Assistance and Investigations: 502-626-8525/8526/8842/8843
Email 1TSC IG Office at: usarmy.knox.1-tsc.mbx.inspector-general@mail.mil

100th Training Division

Supports: All units and personnel assigned to 100th Training Division.
Contact: Assistance and Investigations: 502-626-1929/1932