1. What are my DoDEA options for my student?

There are two options for your student: Either you choose (1) in-person learning or (2) the virtual learning option. Students who are enrolled in the virtual option, regardless of location in the world will follow the established calendar for the existing DoDEA Virtual High school. For students this year, the virtual learning option will begin on August 24. Students enrolled in this option will follow the scheduled calendar for the Virtual School. This schedule may vary from the calendars for in-person instruction in our community schools. In-person instruction dates for schools are found at https://www.dodea.edu/schoolCalendars.cfm.


2. Do we go to school in HPCON Charlie?

As per current DoD guidance, if an installation is in HPCON Charlie, schools will be closed to students, and we will begin the year in remote learning. For more info, visit the DoDEA Return to School website: https://www.dodea.edu/returntoschool.cfm .


3. Where can I find the link to register for DoDEA Virtual Learning Option?

Please visit our website at https://www.dodea.edu/returntoschool.cfm under the “Making a Choice” tab. You will need your child’s DoDEA Student Google username and password to login in. If you have problems logging in, please email Amschoolregistration@dodea.edu for additional support. For families who are new to DoDEA and your child does not have a DoDEA Student Google account, please contact your local school registrar for assistance.


4. Does my student have to wear a mask in school?

DoDEA will require all personnel on a DoDEA school campus to wear a face covering when social distancing cannot be achieved, including when on DoDEA buses and at school bus stops. Please visit our Return to School website at https://www.dodea.edu/returntoschool.cfm for more information and Please see the DoDEA guide, Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Return to School, for social distancing guidance, https://www.dodea.edu/upload/Ensuring-a-Safe-and-Healthy-Return-to-School.pdf


5. Where I can find information about students’ and staff members' guidance and protocols for going back to school?

You can find specific information about the upcoming school year at the DoDEA Return to School website - https://www.dodea.edu/returntoschool.cfm . Some of the resources you will find under the “Health and Safety” tab. You will see the DoDEA guide, Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Return to School , for social distancing guidance, strategies, and requirements for HPCON Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie at https://www.dodea.edu/upload/Ensuring-a-Safe-and-Healthy-Return-to-School.pdf. The DoDEA COVID-19 Operational Guidelines and Protocols for Schools guide

provides DoDEA district and school leaders with general guidelines and protocols for establishing and maintaining safe school environments that reduce the risk of COVID-19 virus spread. Items discussed include social distancing, face coverings, pre-screening, medical surveillance protocols, cleaning, school meal program, bus transportation, and extracurricular sports/ activities guidelines at https://www.dodea.edu/upload/DoDEA-COVID-19-Operational-Guidelines-and-Protocols-7-10-20.pdf


6. Why is DoDEA having existing DoDEA teachers and parents log onto their DoDEA Google Account (either teacher or student) to access the teacher interest form and parent enrollment form?

The purpose of requiring existing DoDEA teachers and parents to log into their DoDEA Google account is to ensure that only DoDEA teachers and families can access these forms and to maintain the security of the forms. Login to your DoDEA Google account first to access the forms. If you are an existing DoDEA teacher or family and need DoDEA Google account log in support, you can email the following addresses:

Americas: Amschoolregistration@dodea.edu

Europe: Euschoolregistration@dodea.edu

Pacific: Pacschoolregistration@dodea.edu