The Civilian Human Resources Agency provides commanders, managers and supervisors with quality service and assistance in acquiring, developing and retaining an effective workforce of highly qualified and productive civilians to serve as integral Total Army Team members dedicated to accomplishing the mission both now and in the future. We also provide the workforce with accurate and timely information regarding civilian personnel programs.

The Army exists for one reason: to serve the Nation. The Army Civilian Corps exists to support the Constitution of the United States, the Nation, the Army, and its Soldiers in war and at peace.

Soldiers and civilians have been working alongside each other since the Revolutionary War. In 1775, the first Army civilians were employed as clerks, skilled tradesmen or craftsmen, physicians, teamsters and unskilled laborers. Just as the Army's missions and demands upon it have grown more complex, so too have the positions that civilians occupy. Whether they are human resources specialists, historians, supply clerks, lawyers, physicians, contractors or food service workers, civilians perform vital military support functions. Without them, the ability to accomplish the mission would be seriously impaired, and by extension, national interests would not be served.