MPS: Assignment Eligibility

Levy Brief


- All Soldiers E6 and below must attend the in-person levy briefing, held on Tuesdays, bi-weekly at the Central Processing Facility, Building 393, 2nd floor, classroom #1, at 0900. Soldiers must be in uniform.

- All Soldiers E7 and above to include Officers, may view the online levy brief by clicking the “Levy / Reassignment Briefing" link below. 

Click here to view the Levy / Reassignment Briefing

To find out the next scheduled levy brief, send an email to: or call Phone: DSN: 314-646-2575 or 314-646-5131, Commercial: 0444-71-2575 or 0444-71-5131.

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) when PCSing back to the States:

  • Have at least 12 months of service remaining from report date
  • Not Flagged except for APFT failure
  • Satisfy all the preconditions specified in the Assignment  Instructions
  • All first term Soldiers who are on assignment and are not planning  on reenlisting need to sign a first term statement indicating they  will not extend or reenlist.
  • Career Soldier who must reenlist or extend to meet time remaining  requirements must do so before the PCS orders are be published.

Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) when serving another  overseas tour.

  • Complete their current prescribed tour and any other voluntary  extensions
  • Have enough service time remaining to complete the  consecutive tour
  • Agree to serve the second tour in full
  • Submit DD Form 4787 to MPD if family travel is involved
  • Complete the required EFMP screening if Service Member has  dependents
  • Must be granted concurrent family travel prior to dependents  traveling with you
  • Ensure that all dependents have passports and meet the host  nation immigration requirements

MPS: Deletion and Deferment of Assignment

  • Operational Deletion/Deferment is based on the needs of the  losing command
  • Compassionate Deletion/Deferment is based on needs of the  Soldier
  • Instead of operational deletion, consider Foreign Service  Tour Extension (FSTE)
  • Submit requests for deletion or deferment to DA within 30  days of coming on Assignment Instructions (AI)
  • If a situation occurs after the 30 days, request should be  submitted within 72 hours of the situation

MPS: Airborne Assignments

  • Per AR 614-200, Soldiers on assignment instructions to an  airborne position or unit will be utilized for at least 3 years in  an airborne position/unit unless physically disqualified,  exempted by general Court-martial authority, separated,  reassigned by HRC or accepted for another airborne,  airborne ranger, special forces or other assignment which is  considered by HRC to have higher priority.
  • Before issuing assignment orders, the Soldier of the  proposed assignment must initial eMilpo report AAA-234 and  indicate acceptance or declination of airborne assignment.
  • If Soldier declines airborne assignment, withdrawal of SQI (P)  and deletion of assignment will be submitted IAW MILPER  Message10-045, dated 17 Feb 10 and AR 614-200, dated 3  Sep 09.

MPS: PCS with TDY En-Route – w/ Family Members

  • PCS’ing from Italy back to the States:
    • OPTION 2: Take family members to the new duty station, get  them settled, then proceed to TDY en-route
      • Gaining CMD may authorize10 days leave for house hunting
      • Govt. transportation to and from TDY authorized
      • To receive BAH at new PDS an exception to policy must be approved  through the local finance office and USAREUR G1 to the Army G1 for  decision.
  • OPTION 4:Take family members to:
    • TDY location at personal expense
    • Some other location at personal expense
    • A designated location at Govt. expense other than the new  permanent station
  • Entitlements for dependents transportation will be based on the  most direct route between the old and the new permanent stations
  • PCS’ing and Reclassing
  • PCS is contingent upon successful completion of school
  • Soldier may request for family members to remain in housing  if the following apply:
    • Soldier is not authorized movement of HHGs to the TDY  location.
    • The school is 1 year or less with a return to the same  installation after graduation In both situations, retention of  housing can only be authorized up to 30 days after completion  of TDY or graduation.

MPS: Availability Date

  • The Availability date is documented on the “Aval Date” line of  the orders.
    • Enlisted: The availability date for an enlisted Soldier is five calendar days before his/her Date Eligible for Return from  Overseas (DEROS).
      • Example: Soldier has DEROS of 15 May 2021. The Soldier's PCS  orders will indicate an "Aval date" of 11 May 2021.
    • Officer: The availability date for an Officer is not normally  calculated in connection with the Officer's DEROS. An officer's  "Aval date" is the first day of their leave date.
  • You CANNOT depart BEFORE your Avail Date.

MPS: Billing Options

  • CBA - Centrally Billed Account
    • Soldier will purchase a travel ticket utilizing PCS orders. Local  Commercial Travel Office (SATO) will do the purchase transaction  using Soldier’s PCS orders.
  • IBA - Individually Billed Account (MANDATORY for SMs with a  Government Travel Card)
    • Soldier will purchase a travel ticket at his/her own expense through  Local Commercial Travel Office (SATO) and receive reimbursement (at  Gov. rate) once travel is complete.
    • Submit travel voucher to finance for reimbursement and NLT 15 days  upon arrival at new PDS
    • Reimbursement of excess baggage is authorized but will not exceed  two (2) total checked bags per traveler. For
    • For more information go to:

MPS: IBA – Government Travel Charge Card

  • For those with an individually billed account (IBA), the individually billed account travel charge card will be used for all official relocation expenses.
  • Upon notification of PCS, individuals who possess an IBA(GTCC) will contact their local unit travel charge card Agency Program Coordinator (APC) to register into the PCS program.
  • Exclusions. The following types of PCS are excluded from the program:
    • Accession
    • Separation
  • Cardholders will benefit from the convenience of charge card use. The card eliminates the need to apply for an advance of travel entitlements and reduces the travelers’ dependency on personal funds.
  • While in PCS status, accounts will not suspend, incur late fees, or report against command delinquency percentages. The program also contains safeguards to prevent fear of delinquency and subsequent account suspension due to late payment. Remember, you must be placed in PCS status by the APC, it is not automatic.
  • Credit limits may be increased to allow for PCS entitlements according to current DOD guidelines.
    Travel Advances. Participants will obtain travel advances using their GTCC (ATM, cash, manual cash disbursement). Travel advances may not be obtained by any other means while participating in this program.
  • The following expenses are authorized for use with this program:
    • Transportation
    • Lodging
    • Meals
    • Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense (TQSE)
    • House Hunting Approved expenses

MPS: Absence Request

  • Absence Request must end a day prior to the Report Date.
  • Your Start Date will be your Avail Date (indicated on your PCS Orders). This is the earliest date you can depart Italy. 
  • Must be approved by Commander
  • Click here for PCS leave form guidance

Click here for the Levy Packet Checklist

Travel Election Worksheet

Family Travel Soldier Declaration Memo