What role?

First, determine what role the new user will have on your team.

Garrison Manager, or Garrison Web Manager:

Chief point of contact for the IMCOM Enterprise Web at the garrison. When the garrison is responsible for something, this is the first person on the call list. Otherwise, the person is a Site Manager.

Site Manager:

A member of the website team at the installation, with authority and permission to edit any item in the system. If there is more than one site manager, a Garrison Manager should be appointed.

Page Manager:

A person designated to manage a subsection of the garrison site, such as a directorate, tenant or senior command site. The Page Manager has publishing privileges within his or her subsite.

Page Contributor:

A person designated to work on, perhaps manage, a subsection of the garrison site. The Page Contributor can add and remove pages within the section, but CANNOT publish.

Text Contributor (formerly Text Editor):

Appointed to manage a single block or limited copy on a page. Must be supervised/reviewed by a Site or Page Manager.

A special case exists for an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) if no one on the overnight EOC staff is OPSEC Level II trained. An EOC member can be given authority to publish weather and installation condition updates as needed. This person will be counted as a Text Contributor working under the authority and supervision of a Site Manager (this manager is named in the DD 2875). Contact IMCOM HQ PAO for permission to use this exception.


Training requirements

Army training:

Garrison Web Managers, Site Managers and Page Managers need to be either Public Affairs or Operations Security Level II qualified.

An OPSEC Level II certificate is the preferred qualifying document. 

If you have a 46A career designator (officer) or a 46Z Military Occupational Specialty (enlisted), or are a General Schedule 1035 or 1082 civilian with PAOQC or higher, you are assumed to have enough training and / or experience to identify releasable or unreleasable material. To use your PA position as qualification, you need to be the chief PAO or endorsed by the chief PAO.  PAOs in IMCOM are usually required to take OPSEC Level II.

If you belong to another career field,  passing the four-day OPSEC Level II course will give you a foundation in protecting online information.

During the transition period due to end July 31, 2021,  existing Site Mangers and Page Managers could substitute the online "Web Management and OPSEC Certification" course, understanding they will seek and attend the OPSEC Level II course as soon as it becomes available. After July 31, 2021, documentary evidence of enrollment in an OPSEC Level II is required. If they cannot produce this evidence, they will be set as Page Contributors or have their accounts deactivated. 

Page Contributors must provide "Web Management and OPSEC Certification" certificates before assuming duties. If they are already serving in this role, they must provide training certificates before the grace period ends.

Text Contributors need only supply a copy of their annual Cybersecurity Challenge certificates, and the name of their supervising Page or Site manager (there is a space on the DD 2875 for the responsible manager' name). NOTE: Trusted staff can be made Text Contributors with extremely specialized publishing rights. The site or page manager specified in this person's Form 2875 takes full responsibility for anything this individual releases.

IEW-Specific training:

IEW training is delivered primarily as online, self-paced instruction using .pdf tutorials and video. Users are responsible to be familiar with the contents of the SOP/Tutorials posted on Webmaster One. Live 101 and 201 workships are offered several times a year. New Garrison Managers and Site Managers are encouraged to schedule one-on-one training as necessary.

Local PAOs may schedule training for Page Managers, Page Contributors and Text Editors using HQ or garrison materials.

The IMCOM HQ privacy office is developing training that is expected to be mandatory.

Applying for an account:

Fill out the DD Form 2875 with IEW overlay.  The "overlay" includes instructions and specific content for IEW. It serves as both System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) and addional Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) agreement.

Put training certificates and the 2875 in a single email and send them to your Garrison web team. Garrison Managers will forward materials directly to IEW at IMCOM headquarters. Without an endorsement (forward) from the garrison web manager, PAO or command group, the user will be blocked. Garrison Web Managers: to help move things forward, please include the Expedited Registration Matrix when you send one or more applications.

Departing the team

When you no longer need access, please email your garrison web manager and IMCOM HQ. The garrison web team will disable the account for you.