Welcome to the Military Personnel Division:  Our mission is to provide timely and friendly diverse military personnel service support to Soldiers, their Family members, and retired military; thereby, promoting Soldier readiness and Family success.


The various agencies within the Military Personnel Division are responsible for providing installation level personnel services to military personnel within USAG Humphreys community. MPD strives to provide timely and accurate services to all Soldiers, units, and tenant organizations in the areas of Reassignment Processing, Transition Processing, Family Travel, Emergency Leave, Dependent Student Travel, Early Return of Dependents and Retirement Services.

We provide personnel services support for Non Personnel Services Delivery Redesign (PSDR) units. Personnel services include but not limited to, updates to Enlisted/ Officer Record Brief and DD Form 93.

The Reassignment Section provides equitable, effective and efficient HR services to all Soldiers on assignment instructions ensuring a smooth and timely permanent change of station (PCS).
The Transition Center (TC) provides quality transition service to all Soldiers (Active Duty, Army Reserve, National Guard) transitioning from the military for administrative separations (voluntary, involuntary and medical), and expiration term of service (ETS). The TC prepares and provides a detailed and accurate certificate of release or discharge from active duty (DD Form 214), the most important document a transitioning Soldier receives.
The Retirement Services Office educates Soldiers and Family Members about their retirement benefits and entitlements, and provides the information needed to make appropriate and timely decisions for themselves and their Families The Retirement Services Officer provides a monthly pre-retirement briefing, retirement information support, and mandatory Survivor Benefit Plan counseling. It also publishes local retiree bulletins and supports the Installation Retiree Council.
Other services provided by MPD like Dependent Student Travel (Student Funded Travel), In-Place Consecutive Overseas Tour (IPCOT), and Emergency Leave.
The Family Travel section assists Soldiers and Family members with Command Sponsorship requests, adding dependents to existing Command Sponsorship, transfer of Command Sponsorship, early return of dependent and dependent student travel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I was just placed on assignment by HRC, when can I receive my PCS orders?

A: You must first attend a levy briefing and then submit your levy/reassignment packet to your S1 for submission to MPD. Once MPD receives your levy/reassignment packet you will receive your PCS orders within 10 days. (Reference MILPER Message 20-342).

Q: My Spouse recently received PCS orders, when can I depart?

A: Dependents may travel at any time after the sponsor receives PCS orders. However, if the dependent(s) choose to depart prior to the Soldier and in order to start BAH at the gaining permanent duty station (PDS) the Soldier must have an approved Secretarial Wavier. (Reference DoD 7000.14 Table 26-39 and ALARACT 009/2021).

Q: Can I list my pets on my PCS orders?

A: No, only authorized dependents, those enrolled into DEERS and reflecting in eMILPO as authorized dependents, can be listed on PCS orders.

Q: Can I leave before my DEROS?

A: No, date eligible to return from overseas (DEROS) date is the earliest date that a Soldier can depart the permanent duty station (PDS). The window for Soldiers to depart is their DEROS plus 10 days. This is to maximize the use of AMC-contracted air travel, Patriot Express (PE). (References: AR 55-46 and AR614-30).

Q: How can I add my newborn child to my Command Sponsorship orders?

A: The first step is to ensure that you have enrolled your child in DEERS and Tricare, both are located in Maude Hall, bldg. 6400. After you have enrolled your child in DEERS and Tricare, take the DA Form 5888 and a copy of your DD Form 1172-2 that you received from the DEERS office to your S1 for submission to MPD.

Q: How many days after my DEROS can I leave?

A: Soldiers may depart Korea up to 10 days after their DEROS. If a Soldier exceed this, they will require a DEROS adjustment and an amendment to their orders.(Reference AR 614-30 & AR 55-46)

Q: Can MPD change my Report date?

A: No, only HRC has the authority to adjust report dates.

Q: Why do I have to go to my S1 to receive my clearing papers for PCS?

A: In an effort to streamline processes and out an abundance of caution to slow the spread of COVID-19. MPD began sending all installation clearing papers to the S1 for issuance to the Soldier.

Q: I am a scheduled to ETS, retire, or transition out of the Army, where do I go and when?

A: All Soldiers transitioning out (Retire, ETS, UQR, or Chapter) will process through the transition center in Maude Hall, bldg. 6400, room U-101. All Soldiers should attend a transition brief as follows:

Retirees- Should attend a retirement briefing 18 months before their requested retirement date or as soon as possible, the further out the better.

ETS- Soldiers should attend a transition brief no later than 6 months prior to their ETS date.

UQR- Soldiers should attend no early than 12 months and no later than 6 months, before their requested separation date.

Chapters- Soldiers should attend as soon as your chapter is initiated.

Q: I am getting out of the Army, where do I get my clearing papers?

A: All Soldiers transitioning out (ETS, UQR, Retirement, or Chapter) will be given an appointment to pick-up their clearing papers at the transition center in Maude Hall.

Q: Am I authorized to go and pick-up my POV?

A: If you were authorized to store your POV and you stored it in a vehicle processing center (VPC) or a commercial storage facility, provide the supporting documentation to your servicing MPD so that they annotate the authorization on your PCS orders.

If you left the vehicle with a friend, relative or any other location you will not be authorized travel expenses/reimbursement to pick up your POV. (Reference JTR)

Q: I am authorized to pick-up my vehicle, how much travel time am I authorized?

A: If the ordered travel is 400 or fewer miles between official points and the traveler uses a POV, Government automobile, or rental vehicle, then 1 day of travel is authorized for the official distance. If the distance is greater than400 miles, then divide by 350 to determine the number of authorized travel days. If the remainder is 51 or more, one additional travel day is allowed. The result determines the maximum number of authorized travel days (Reference JTR050205).

Q: I was married during this tour will my spouse be on my PCS orders?

A: Your spouse is located in the U.S. or another country – You will not be authorized travel to go to your spouse’s location; however, your spouse be will able to relocate from his/her current location to your gaining PDS.

*If located in another country, your spouse must meet US immigration law, regulations and policies.

Your spouse is located with you here in Korea – In this situation your spouse is considered an acquired dependent. You, the Soldier, are responsible for the cost associated with air travel from the Aerial Port of Embarkation (APOE) to the Aerial Port of Debarkation (APOD). You are authorized reimbursement from the APOD to your gaining PDS or your authorized travel route.

Q: How far in advance can I submit my levy packet?

A: There is no time limit on when you can submit your levy packet. The sooner the better.

Q: I got married while I was in Korea, how do I add my spouse to my orders?

A: To add your spouse to your orders, you must provide MPD with your marriage certificate / DD 1172, so that we can verify name, relationship and address.

Q: How long is the turnaround for PCS orders?

A: PCS orders will be generated within 10 days of the receipt of your complete levy packet. Incomplete packet will only delay the process, ensure your packet is complete.

Q: What is the difference between COT, IPCOT & ITT-COT?

A: COT – Consecutive Overseas tour, (One OCONUS PDS to another OCONUS PDS, i.e. Korea to Hawaii)

IPCOT – In-Place Consecutive Overseas Tour - Another tour at the same duty station.

ITT - COT – Intra-theater continuous overseas tour – A PCS reassignment between duty stations in the same theater or country.

Q: How do I apply for joint domicile (JD)?

A: Married Army couples who are enrolled in MACP are considered for JD assignments. If you are serving together in a dependent restricted short tour area (Korea) you may apply to occupy a joint house hold, see your S1 for the current processing guidelines.

Q: My spouse and I are enrolled in the married Army couples program (MACP) can you amend our orders for joint domicile (JD)?

A: No, only HRC authorized assignments and entitlements are placed on travel orders. If HRC approved JD, and it is not on your orders, then you will need for each back to your losing MPD to have your orders amended. The MPD that generated the orders is the only one that can amend the orders.

Q: How long will it take to process my Family Travel request to my next PDS?

A: The gaining command has 30 days from receipt of the Family Travel request to process it.

Q: How do I get reimbursed for COT / IPCOT travel?

A: COT and IPCOT travel must be approved and used in accordance with your election. If you did not defer your COT entitlement you must use your COT entitlement between tours. If you did defer the COT entitlement you must use it prior to the completion of your new tour.

When using your COT entitlement, you will take your orders to CTO to book your air travel. Upon completion of your travel, you will file a travel voucher and submit it to your local finance office for reimbursement.