Safety starts before and after the mission! Our mission is to safeguard and preserve Army resources to include Soldiers, Family members, Army civilians, and Army property against accidental loss by establishing composite risk management as the Army's principal risk reduction methodology, assuring regulatory and statutory compliance.

The Garrison Safety Office (GSO) achieves mission objectives through technical oversight, project management support, training and education. The GSO also disseminates regulatory guidance and procedures necessary in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment thereby improving quality of life in our local community and satellite installations.

Army Traffic Safety Training Program


The ATSTP is comprised of two separate, but equally important, training programs:

  • Drivers Improvement Training consisting of Remedial Driver Training (RDT) and Intermediate Driver Course (IDC).
  • Motorcycle Training consisting of the Basic Rider Course (BRC) and Advanced Rider Course (ARC) from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).

Registration for both programs can be made by clicking the link below. Classes are held at USAG Humphreys by the Humphreys Garrison Safety Office, but you may contact your local Korea garrison for more information about classes held here.

EXTERNAL LINK  |  Motorcycle Training and Driver Education Course Registration

DOWNLOAD  |  ATSTP Informational Flyer (.pdf)



This is an 8-hour class designed for Military and DOD Civilian personnel who, while operating a government motor vehicle, have been convicted of a moving traffic violation or have been found at fault in an accident on or off the installation IAW AR 385-10. 



This course is required and designed to provide Soldiers who are on their initial first assignment, younger than 26 years of age and with 2.5 hours of intermediate traffic safety training that reinforces the initial traffic safety training course IAW AR 385-10. This course will provide and reinforce a positive attitude toward driving, individual responsibility, correct response to routine and emergency driving situations, and sharing the road safely with other users.



Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) courses are open with priority to Active-Duty Service Members and on a space-available basis for DOD Civilians.

EXTERNAL LINK  |  Motorcycle Safety Foundation Website

Initial Accident Report


All accidents are reportable. The Garrison Safety Office will determine if the accident is recordable and submit to the Army Safety Center. The form below was created to easily process accident reports, injuries or property damage to our office. Download the form to your computer and after filling out the form, click the "Submit" button to generate an email automatically and click send. Once we receive the email, we will begin processing and making notifications appropriately.

DOWNLOAD  |  Initial Accident Report Form (.pdf)

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Road Condition Status Explanations

Status graphics shown represent green, amber, red and black road conditions.



Highway conditions are normal.


Military vehicles, other than those required for essential business, will not be driven on highways. POV owners need to use extreme caution and are encouraged to observe the rules established for military vehicles.


Military vehicles, other than emergency/essential business, will not be driven. O-5 / GS-13 or above may authorize usage for business that cannot be postponed without jeopardizing military requirements. Snow chains or similar devices will be used. POV owners need to use extreme caution and are encouraged to observe the rules established for military vehicles.


All U.S. Government vehicles are prohibited from movement. Commanders of O-6 and above must personally authorize the use of emergency vehicles after the appropriate risk assessment and mitigation actions are considered. Snow chains or similar devices are required, no waivers are authorized. POV owners need to use extreme caution and are encouraged to observe the rules established for military vehicles.

DOWNLOAD  |  Road Condition Status Explanations - Printer Friendly (.pdf)

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More Information/Useful Links


DOWNLOAD  |  Monsoon & Typhoon Season Safety Briefing (.pdf)

DOWNLOAD  |  Personal Transportation Device (PTD) Safety Gram (.pdf)

DOWNLOAD  |  Playground Safety Information Sheet (.pdf)

DOWNLOAD  |  Yellow Dust/Fine Particulate Matter Guide (.pdf)

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