The Camp Humphreys Commercial Travel Office assists Soldiers and civilians with booking their Official Travel, for the purpose of PCS, Emergency Leave, TDY, retirement, etc.


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Booking Travel

All official travel arrangements must be made through the Commercial Travel Office (CTO). Your assignment orders tell you when and where to fly. Travel can start as of Availability Date, from the Port of Debarkation (departure airport) to the Port of Embarkation (arrival airport).

When to Book Flights

Check your PCS orders for when and where to fly:

  • Travel can start as of the Availability Date
  • From Port of Debarkation (departure airport)
  • To Port of Embarkation (arrival airport)


Paying for Flights

For the Government to pay for travel, flights must be booked via the CTO on a U.S. Flag Carrier, as required by the Fly America Act and orders must indicate either Individually Billed Account (IBA) or Centrally Billed Account (CBA).


Individually Billed Account (IBA)

With an IBA, your Sponsor (Service Member, DAC, Invited Contractor) will use a government travel credit card (GTCC) to pay for flights made at the CTO. Your Sponsor will then claim reimbursement by filling out a travel voucher during in-processing at the gaining installation.

Centrally Billed Account (CBA)

With a CBA, the CTO is responsible for paying for the airfare. The CTO charges the cost of airfare to a CBA and the CTO is reimbursed after submitting a claim.

  NOTE: The CTO can book flights to and from alternate ports ONLY if the cost is less than your government travel entitlement.

Government Travel Entitlement

Use GSA City Pairs Search Tool  to find your government travel entitlement which is the YCA Fare (government negotiated, fully refundable, one-way fare) on a contracted U.S. Flag Carrier based on your departure or arrival ports on orders.

Booking Flight & Ticketing Process

Travelers are to schedule flights during the contracted carrier's (Patriot Express) scheduled flight dates which are normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

1. Determine your desired travel date. Travel can begin as of the Availability Date on your orders. Travel will be from OSAN Air Base (Patriot Express) via Seattle International Airport then to final destination on orders.

  TIP: Traveling with pets? The CTO cannot book pet travel on commercial flights (non-Patriot Express). Travelers must contact the airlines after receiving tickets to make pet reservations.                                                           

United Airlines @ 800-864-8331 (in cabin)                               Delta Airlines @ 800-221-1212

                                   800-575-3335 (in cargo)                                                               0079-8651-7538

2. Contact the CTO at the following email address: Please attach a copy of your orders to the email.

CLICK for: CTO Travel Request Form

3. The CTO will book your flights using the information on your orders and Travel Request Form. The CTO will email an itinerary to the traveler once complete.

   NOTE: This process will be completed within 72 hours of receiving all required documents from the traveler.

4. The CTO will issue the tickets 3 days prior to the departure date and email the traveler the E-Tickets.

   TIP: Contact the CTO before the tickets are issued if changes are required. Tickets cannot be refunded after they are issued.

Travelers will not be required to visit the CTO if the above steps are followed.