The Army Field Support Battalion (AFSBn-Korea) provides logistic support to service members and units assigned to U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys. The battalion exercises authority over and develops plans and policies for all installation logistics in the areas of transportation, maintenance, supply and materiel readiness. Information on Drivers Testing/TMP Dispatch, Commercial Travel Office (CTO), Official Passport Office, Central Issue Facility (CIF) and Transportation can all be found on this page.

Key Personnel:

  • Plans and Ops Division Chief: DSN: (315) 755-2575
  • Maintenance Division Chief: DSN: (315) 757-2352
  • Transportation Division Chief: DSN: (315) 757-2447


Central Issue Facility (CIF):

  • Manager: 755-3803
  • Main Office: 755-3800 & 1785
  • Reception desk: 755-3806 &1783
  • RECON & MOSA: 755-1781
  • FLIPL: 755-2505
  • Questions E-mail Address:
  • Location: P6950

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday-Friday: 0730~1100: Issue & DX only
  • Monday-Thursday:1300~1600: Turn-in & Partial turn-in only
  • Fridays afternoon: 1300~1600: CIF Closed due to inventory and required training

Important: CIF Closed all U.S and Korean Holidays

No Appointment Needed

CIF Issue Requirements:

Issues to the individual by the CIF will be accomplished IAW AR 700-84, AR 710-1-2, AR 710-1, CTA 50-900 and CTA 50-970. Individuals who are in-processing will report to CIF in DUTY UNIFORM and with all appropriate documents such as Identification Card, orders, and Memo signed by the commander.


  • DA 4187 at company level orders or Pinpoint order
  • CAC
  • Command Sponsor (CSP) orders (if Sponsor’s dependent is in Korea)
  • All E4 and below must be accompanied with an NCO (E5 and above) for CIF in-processing

Emergency Essential Civilians (EEC):

  • DD Form 2365
  • Letter of Employment

Mission Essential Civilians (MEC):

  • USFK 200
  • SF 50-B
  • Letter of Employment


CIF Turn-In Requirements:

  • All Service Members are required to perform an inventory before bringing OCIE to CIF, IAW procedures outline in DA PAM 710-2. The purpose of the inventory is to ensure the appropriate action for lost, damaged or destroyed OCIE is taken IAW AR735-5 before reporting to CIF. SMs can access and print out clothing record at the following URL:
  • When reviewing your clothing records, pay close attention to the PCS column. Whether the SM is PCSing, or ETSing, ensure they see if the items have an “N” in this column, if so, it must be turned in before they can be cleared through CIF.


  • Orders
  • Installation clearance record (DA Form 137-1)
  • CAC
  • Early turn in Memo (ETP, signed by CDR) within 30 days from final out date


  • Memorandum stating what chapter
  • Installation clearance record (DA Form 137-1)
  • CAC

NOTE: Soldiers being chaptered must have an escort (E-5 or above) with them during all transactions at CIF.


TMP Information

Location: Dispatch Office, Building P-7010, 1st floor, Rm. 108


TMP Dispatch POC’s:

  • Operations Supervisor 756-5445
  • Dispatch Supervisor 757-2321
  • Lead Dispatcher 756-1852
  • Lead Dispatcher 757-2322
  • Dispatcher 757-2326
  • Dispatcher 756-1853


Drivers Testing Information

Location: Transportation Motor Pool, Building P-7010, 2nd floor, Rm. 205

Driver’s Testing POC’s:

  • Transportation Officer 757-2528
  • TMP-NCOIC 757-2318
  • Training Instructor 756-3615
  • Qualification Examiner 757-2332
  • Qualification Examiner 757-2333
  • Qualification Examiner 757-2334
  • Training Instructor 756-3616


Driver License Issuing Office Operating Hours

U.S. Personnel: Monday thru Friday, 0830-1630 (Bring Your Online Test Certificate)

Korean Nationals (KN) and Korean Augmentation to the United States Army (KATUSA): Friday 1300

The United States Forces Korea (USFK) Driver Licensing Course and Exam are taken online utilizing the Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) website:

CLICK: Driver Licensing Course and Exam

The course numbers and links to the course are listed below. Additionally, the courses are available by searching under the USFK prefix in JKO.
U.S. Forces Korea Driver Licensing Course – Course# USFK-US002
U.S. Forces Korea Driver Licensing Exam – Course# USFK-US002-B

Test scores are only valid for 60 days. USFK Driver Licenses will not be issued to personnel who have taken the test more than 60 days prior to applying for a license. The training and exam will need to be retaken.

The document mentioned below is required to successfully complete the USFK driver license course.
Study Guide: Guide to Safe Driving in Korea (17 Mar 20)


Requirements for a POV License

CLICK for Application for USFK Motor Vehicle Operators Permit

The following personnel are authorized to obtain a USFK Motor Vehicle Operators Permit USFK Form 134EK:

  •  All command sponsored service members, regardless of grade, and their family members.
  •  Joint domicile status service members authorized to ship a POV at government expense, regardless of grade, and their family members.
  •  A member of the U.S. Armed Forces in the grade of E-7 or above.
  •  Members of the Armed Forces in the grade of E-6 or below who are unaccompanied and reside on-post and receive approval from the first O-5 in their chain of command
  •  Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees in the grades of GS-5, WG-5, WL-2, WS-1, NA-5, CC-3 or equivalent and above; USFK technical representatives, and family members of the aforementioned personnel
  •  Members of the Armed Forces in the grade of E-6 and below, DoD civilian employees in the grades of GS-4, WG-4, WL-1, NA-4, CC-2 who reside off-post at government expense
  •  U.S. Invited Contractors and third-country national employees employed as Invited Contractors who also have SOFA privileges and their family members as long as they are first in possession of a ROK driver’s license or valid international driver’s permit prior to obtaining the USFK Form 134EK.


Required Documentation for DOD Civilian and Invited Contractor

Department of Defense (DOD) civilian employees in the grades of GS-5, WG-5, WL-2, WS-1, NA-5 and CC-3 or equivalent and above; and family members of the aforementioned personnel:

  •  Letter of Employment
  •  Valid State Driver’s License
  • USFK Driver Licensing Exam Certificate of Completion from JKO


Invited Contractor

  • ROK Driver’s License or international Driver’s License
  • USFK Form 700-19A-R-E


Non-Sofa Status Contractor and Technical Rep

  • ROK Driver’s License
  • USFK Form 700-19A R-E
  • Valid State Driver’s License


Requirements for a Government Owned Vehicle (GOV) License

CLICK for Request for GOV License

  • Memorandum (Request for GOV License Issuance) signed by unit commander. (Memo cannot be more than a month old from the time of the request)
  • JKO, USFK Driver License Exam Certificate of Completion
  • Valid U.S. State Driver’s License and ID Card
  • Letter of Employment (DoD Civilian’s)


Requirements for Learner’s Permit

(Issued to Command and Non-Command Sponsored Dependents, age 16 or over)

  • JKO, USFK Driver License Exam Certificate of Completion and vision test results
  • Provide the sponsor’s written approval and show proof that they are covered by the minimum required liability insurance. (IAW USFK Reg 190-1)


Requirements for Motorcycle License

  • All personnel must have a valid motorcycle operator’s license or motorcycle endorsement issued by the civil authorities of a country or by a U.S. state or territory of the United States.
  • Additionally, military personnel must also show proof of completion of a motorcycle safety foundation (MSF) course or DUSD (I&E) endorsed, State-approved, curriculum for motorcycle operator’s safety training.
  • For more information about the Motorcycle Safety Course, please contact the USAG-Humphreys Safety Office at 753-5582, 755-2667.


Guide To Safe Driving in Korea

Click HERE for the PDF Guide to Safe Driving In Korea

8th Army Driving Overseas Page

Click HERE for the 8th Army Driving Overseas Page





Passport/Visa support provided by the United States Department of Defense (DOD) by assisting DOD Service Members, Civilians and Family Members in obtaining the official travel documents necessary to facilitate official government travel.
U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys page for on-post and off-post bus routes, times, and pick-up locations.
The Camp Humphreys Commercial Travel Office assists Soldiers and civilians with booking their Official Travel, for the purpose of PCS, Emergency Leave, TDY, retirement, etc.