Provide financial stewardship, manpower, equipment documentation, and managerial functions necessary to provide command and control of installation resources for program sustainment.

Primary Strategic Objectives
• Document installation operating expenses in [Army] data base systems that provide an auditable trail linking cost to service levels.

• Institute installation smart business practices (SBC/Lean Six Sigma) that reduce operating costs and improve services.

• Establish an installation capabilities based budget linking requirements to mission, people and operating costs that appropriately maps the budget year to execution with minimum risk.

• Structure an objective TDA for the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) that documents installation growth to align with the Yongsan Relocation Plan and the Land Partnership Plan as well as transitions to the Standard Garrison Organization (SGO).

• Seek cost avoidance by maximizing Host Nation support to the fullest extent possible in payroll, equipment, and contract costs.