Thank you for your interest in the 10th Mountain Division Band.
The 10th Mountain Division Band has numerous performing groups that can provide
the appropriate style of music for a variety of military and civilian public events.



Are you a civilian group
or organization looking
for the band to perform for your event?


Contact Fort Drum Public Affairs
at (315) 772-5463.


Are you a military unit
or organization looking
for band support?


Contact the Fort Drum G3 Taskings office
at (315) 772-2314.


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Please be aware, due to our musical support of the military community and our own internal requirements for training,
we cannot support every request we receive.

Our public schedule is not a reflection of our availability.

Civilian entities should submit requests to Fort Drum Public Affairs a minimum of eight weeks before the event
but not more than 180 days before the requested performance date(s). Public Affairs and the band commander
will review requests received within less than 60 days on a case-by-case basis.

Requests for band support from military entities at Fort Drum should be received in writing by G-3
a minimum of six weeks before the event but not more than 180 days before the requested performance date(s).

If you have any further questions regarding band support capabilities,
feel free to contact the Band Operations at (315) 772-0124.


General concepts to keep in mind:

  • All events must be free and open to the public and not exclude any person by reason of race, creed, color, national origin, or gender.

  • The 10th Mountain Division Band may not participate in events that are designed to increase business traffic or raise money, or are associated with any religious or ideological movement, political campaign, or commercial enterprise.

10th Mountain Division Band


Bldg. 119, Nash Boulevard

Fort Drum, NY 13602

Hours of Operation:

9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Fort Drum, NY 13602


Band Operations:
(315) 772-0124

Band Public Affairs:
(315) 774-6112