As the Army has transformed to meet the complexities of modern warfare, so too Army Bands have evolved and adopted to meet our musical mission.  While the 10th Mountain Division (LI) Band is able to perform as a full band for large ceremonies, it can also now be broken down into smaller music performance teams, or MPTs.

The 10th Mountain Division Band can function in a variety of different configurations (MPTs) to meet our musical mission, from large ceremonies to smaller events. See Support Capabilities for further information.

Concert Band

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Typically made up of 35-40 Soldiers, the 10th Mountain Division Band performs a wide range of standard concert band literature including marches, Broadway hits, pop, classical and American music. This group is suitable for both indoor and outdoor performances, and it features many of its members as instrumental and vocal soloists.

Marching Band

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As a 20- to 26-Soldier marching element, the 10th Mountain Division Band performs numerous parades throughout the region and provides musical support to military functions and community events throughout the year.

Rock Band

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A group of four to 10 Soldiers, the Rock Band performs at a variety of events, including community outreach events, troop morale events, school concerts, organizational days, and recruiting events. The band covers a spectrum of musical styles, including rock, pop, funk, R&B, and country.

Jazz Combo

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A group of four to 10 Soldiers, the Jazz Combo performs at military social functions, public outreach events, school concerts and Soldier morale-building events. They specialize in jazz and R&B music, and feature a variety of horns to round out their musical capability.

Brass Quintet / Woodwind Quartet / Tuba and Euphonium Quartet

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Each of our small ensembles features four to six Soldiers playing a variety of genres in support of ceremonies, concerts, and educational outreach opportunities. Their musical selections range from patriotic standards all the way to covers of the most current pop hits. Performances can be adapted to best suit your needs. Their small size and minimal equipment allows them to perform in more intimate settings, such as military balls and social events, as well as at ceremonies, school concerts, and formal events.


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Each Army band has one or more vocalists assigned to its ranks. Solo vocalists are available to sing the national anthem with no other musical or audio reinforcement, and they round our some of our other ensembles such as the Rock Band. With several vocalists currently available, the 10th Mountain Division Band has revived its Barbershop Quarter, "The Singing Tenth!"


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Bugle calls play a critical part in military tradition. A bugler will be assigned to sound commands during official military ceremonies, or to sound the sacred Taps call at military funerals and memorial ceremonies.

10th Mountain Division Band


Bldg. 119, Nash Boulevard

Fort Drum, NY 13602

Hours of Operation:

9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Fort Drum, NY 13602


Band Operations:

(315) 772-0124

Band Public Affairs:

(315) 774-6112