Mission Statement:

To guarantee the Fort Buchanan community a safe working and living environment, by providing our customers the most proficient fire suppression, emergency medical, technical rescue, hazardous materials intervention and fire prevention services to them. The Fire and Emergency Services will at all times maintain the ability to respond to our customers emergencies, protecting their life and property. Through continual customer contact the fire department management and employees will remain focused on the concerns of our internal and external customers, by providing an immediate correction, or avenue of correction for our customers based on their individual needs or situation.

About Us
Fort Buchanan Fire & Emergency Services provides professional fire suppression forces, highly capable rescue crews, and aggressive fire prevention and education programs to protect the lives and property of the members of the Fort Buchanan community and preserve our ability to support the mission.
To support our Mission, our department has prioritized three key organizational principles. They are:
  • Support a safe, healthy and diverse workplace, concentrating our efforts on firefighter safety in everything we do.
  • Establish and maintain the highest quality fire protection program.
  • Promote lifelong learning with an emphasis for high professional standards and higher education.
Chief's Message

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Fire Department  Building 1321
Telephone: (787) 707-3410
Fire Prevention

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