Multidisciplinary Strangulation Response and Investigations Course (MSRIC)

Multidisciplinary Strangulation Response and Investigation Course (MSRIC) provides students with an extensive knowledge base about strangulation (fatal and non-fatal) as it relates to types, mechanisms, dynamics, domestic/sexual violence, victim interaction and more. A comprehensive curriculum will be presented by subject matter experts from a multi-disciplinary approach on the investigation, documentation, prosecution, and advocacy of strangulation cases. The outcomes for the students will be a heightened familiarity and understanding of how all first responders, helping professionals, health and law enforcement personnel working with victims of strangulation should respond. At the end of this course, students should achieve wide-ranging know will allow them to identify the signs and symptoms of non-fatal and fatal strangulation cases and help them understand the importance of a collaborative response, thorough investigation, meticulous documentation, and safety planning for victims. Currently, the MSRIC course is in the process of revision with the goal of providing two iterations in FY 23.

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Mrs. Sonya Barlow



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