Child Abuse Prevention and Investigation Techniques (CAPIT)


CAPIT is a two-week course that provides criminal investigators advanced law enforcement training in the areas of child abuse investigations. Topics include prevention methods, pediatric injuries, psychological aspects of child abuse perpetrators, conducting offender interviews, gathering of physical evidence, child pornography, online predators, internet technologies, online chat, and cloud evidence collection, sensitivity to the needs of victims and non-offending parents, MDT and the investigator’s role, and specific legal considerations as they pertain to child abuse investigations. This course is taught as a residence course at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.


There is no other DoD sanctioned child abuse course available and without this course, DoD investigators would lose the specialized skill sets that are essential to the process of investigating one of the most sensitive categories of crime. Failure to provide adequate training related to the complex dynamics of child abuse investigations would result in the late or misidentification of child abuse cases, resulting in prolonged or unidentified instances of physical, psychological or sexual abuse; significantly increasing the probability of escalation and death.


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Course Manager:

Mr. Bruce Mitchell



***All dates listed are subject to change.  Verify dates within ATRRS prior to requesting seats.


FY 23 Class Dates (All Resident)

01-23    05 Dec – 16 Dec 2022

02-23    23 Jan – 03 Feb 2023

03-23    27 Mar – 07 Apr 2023

04-23    08 May – 19 May 2023

05-23    10 Jul – 21 Jul 2023


FY 24 Class Dates (All Resident)

01-24    16 Oct – 03 Nov 2023

02-24    22 Jan – 02 Feb 2024

03-24    18 Mar – 29 Mar 2024

04-24    08 Jul – 19 Jul 2024

05-24    12 Aug – 23 Aug 2024