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Today’s Total Army Family lifestyle can be challenging, but with the right training and resources, it is a challenge that can be met with resilience. Our mission is to provide assistance to Active Duty Service Members, DA Civilians, Retirees and their Family Members. We provide resources and referrals, assist commanders with family readiness plans, assisting installation programs to align with the unit deployment cycle, Soldier Readiness Processing and Soldier Family Readiness Group (SFRG) training/resources.


Deployment Support for Spouses


Hearts Apart

Offers support to Family Members who are living separately from their Service Member due to mission (i.e. deployment, unaccompanied tour, extended TDY, etc.) requirements. The program sponsors events and services to help make life a little less stressful during separations.  Participants will have an opportunity to attend social activities, educational workshops, and to meet, share and network with other families. Contact your ACS Specialist for more information.

Family Members are eligible to participate in Hearts Apart activities 30 days prior to, during and 90 days after effective date of orders.

Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLCs)

MFLCs are available to help Service Members and Family Members deal with the many challenges military families face, deployment and redeployment issues, relationship issues, parenting challenges, and more.  MFLCs do not keep any records. For more information or to speak to an MFLC please visit them at Army Community Service, 7264 Normandy Drive or contact them at: Office: 785-239-1883 Cell: 785-221-9483.


Fort Riley Housing Services Office (HSO) ~ as of December 2018

Army Family Readiness (2018)

Benefits and Support for deployed Soldiers and Family members (2019)

Points of Contact


Army Community Service Specialist (ACSS)

ACSSs provide commanders with personalized Service Member and family readiness support, connect each unit with ACS programs and services via a visible staff member, and facilitate communication and interaction within the unit as well as with outside agencies.

1 ABCT (785) 240-5449   CAB (785) 239-5166
1 SUST (785) 239-6260   DENTAC (785) 240-5449
10TH ASOS (785) 239-5166   DHHB (785) 239-5166
2 ABCT (785) 239-6260   DIVARTY (785) 239-5166
97 MP (785) 239-5166   MEDDAC (785) 240-5449
OTHER TENANTS & PARTNERS          (785) 239-5728


Soldier and Family Readiness Groups (SFRG)

SFRGs are a commander's program that enhance communication, information and resource networks during all phases of military life.  SFRGs provide stability to unit members during field exercises, deployment and other mission related separations and offer vital information to those newly assigned to the unit.

SFRG Team Building Activities

Community Deployment Support

Interested in volunteering for your SFRG?

Volunteers are the foundation of all SFRGs. Command teams often rely on SFRG volunteers to help execute their Soldier and Family Readiness plan.  There are many different volunteer opportunities within the SFRG. Contact your unit SFRG leader, family readiness liaison or commander for information on how you can be a part of the SFRG volunteer Family.