Today’s Military Families experience various levels of STRESS. The Army’s Family Advocacy Program is available to help families adapt to Military life, promote positive family relationships and reduce incidents of family violence. Keeping Army Families Army Strong, by providing interactive workshops and activities for parents, families and couples.

The Victim Advocate Program provides crisis intervention, support services, information and education to victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Victim Advocates help clients develop safety plan, obtain protection from abuse orders, provide legal assistance referrals and accompany clients to domestic violence related court hearings.  They are available 24/7 for assistance when you need it most at (785) 307-1373.

Assigned to Office number
Family Advocacy Specialists

(785) 239-1729
(785) 239-5864
(785) 239-1814

Family Services Program Manager (785) 240-3281
Victim Advocates (785) 239-5484
(785) 240-3017
(785) 307-1373 24/7 Hotline


Available Workshops                                                              

Fort Riley Extension Program is designed to support Families who are struggling with the challenges unique to Military life.  Deployment, isolation, reunions and the everyday demands of parenting can create significant stress on Families, families with children ages 3 and up are welcomed to participate.  We are here to help you cope with those unique challenges by keeping your Family strong. Call Army Community Service (ACS) at (785) 239-9435 to sign up for our interactive workshops.

Scream Free Parenting  

Discover ways to help create and enjoy more calm, mutually respectful and loving relationships with your children.

Scream Free Marriage

This workshop is designed to challenge previous thoughts about what marriage should be. Learn to appreciate all that is good and right in your marriage!

24/7 Dad Workshop (2-Days)

A fun and interactive workshop to encourage and assist dads in raising healthy, mature and responsible children.

Becoming a Love & Logic Parent (3 days)

Parents learn to create happy families and responsible kids by allowing children to grow through their mistakes!

Parenting in a Blended Family

Blended families face many challenges, learn ideas and suggestion for building strong bonds and creating new traditions.


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Safety Education Services

  • Dating Violence Prevention for Teens
  • ID Kits for Youth
  • Supervision of Minors
  • Internet Safety


Sexual Harassment /Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP)

SHARP program allows a victim to report a sexual assault, receive medical treatment, advocacy series, and referral services without initiating the investigative process through law enforcement or chain of command. The SHARP program creates a climate to reduce assaults though education and prevention services as well as ensures sensitive treatment to all victims of sexual assault. To contact SHARP please call 785-239-2277 (office) or 785-307-9338 (hotline).

Annual Community Campaigns

  • April, Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • June, Dads Make a Difference Month
  • October, Domestic Violence Prevention Month