The Fort McCoy Directorate of Public Works (DPW) provides support to units and organizations located on Fort McCoy property.

The DPW maintains the installation infrastructure and environment. Directorate responsibilities include:

  • Assigning and terminating occupancy of authorized military personnel from Army Family Housing and Unaccompanied Personnel Housing.
  • Assisting military and civilian employees in locating community housing.
  • Managing facility maintenance and repair work; receiving work from all customers and determining what work gets accomplished, and the method by which it is done.
  • Scheduling preventative maintenance and activation and deactivation of facilities.
  • Completing designs for minor construction and maintenance and repair projects.
  • Coordinating construction, maintenance, and repair projects to be completed by engineer units.
  • Performing administration, inspection and monitoring of construction contracts.
  • Developing and maintaining the Fort McCoy Real Property Master Plan.
  • Programming services for major construction projects.
  • Maintaining the real property asset inventory, processing real property disposals, performing space planning studies and inspecting real property facilities.
  • Performing installation locksmith services.
  • Ensuring environmental compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.
  • Managing Fort McCoy's natural resources through the following programs: Fisheries, Wildlife, Forestry, Threatened and Endangered Species, Invasive Species, and Cultural Resources.
  • Providing water and wastewater services for the installation.
  • Managing installation energy conservation programs.
  • Performing quality assurance on the custodial contract and Base Operations contract, which performs all aspects of maintenance, repair and operation of installation buildings, structures, roads, bridges, railroads, hardstands, airfields, grounds, and utility systems.

To submit a service order for maintenance/repair of facilities on Fort McCoy, please call 608-388-4357 (HELP).

DPW phonebook here