Identification Cards (ID Cards):

The Fort McCoy Personnel Services Branch can issue ID cards for members of all branches of service — active, reserve, guard, retirees and dependents — as well as Department of Defense civilian employees and contractors. ID Card services are provided by appointment only. Click here to make an appointment

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All customers 18 and older, must have TWO valid (unexpired) forms of government issued ID to receive a new ID card, regardless of ID type to be issued. The primary ID may be a driver's license or a passport with photo. The secondary form of ID can be a SSN card or birth certificate. IF YOU ARE ACTIVELY SERVING, YOU NEED TO BE WITHIN YOUR MILITARY BRANCHES GROOMING AND APPEARANCE STANDARDS, EVEN IF IN CIVILIAN CLOTHES (For males, that means you must shave, unless you have an exemption/profile. IF YOU HAVE A PROFILE, YOU MUST BRING IT WITH YOU).

Lost/Stolen CAC:

A lost/ stolen CAC requires a counseling statement from your commander, a memo from a supervisor or a police report which states the CAC has been reported lost/ stolen and two forms of valid government ID (first form must be a photo) prior to receiving a new CAC.

Dependent ID Cards:

SPONSOR must be present to sign DD Form 1172-2. If sponsor cannot be present, the dependent must have a notarized DD Form 1171-2 or a POA allowing DEERS access. ALL Dependents over 18 must provide two forms of ID in order to receive a USID. Please note minimum age for all ID card issuances is age 10. The sponsor also may sign a Department of Defense Form 1172-2 (Application for Identification Card/DEERS Enrollment) in advance, either in person at the office or online with a CAC at the RAPIDS Self Service website ( ) after creating an account. Military dependents who are age 18 or older now need TWO unexpired forms of ID to receive a new ID card.

Adding a Spouse to DEERS:

The sponsor must have marriage certificate and spouse must have photo ID that is not expired, social security card and/or birth certificate, and proof of Medicare (if age 65 or over). AGE 65 ID CARD: If you are close to 65 and need an ID card with an INDEFINITE expiration date, please do not schedule an appointment prior to your 65th birthday. The system will not allow a card's expiration to be indefinite until AFTER the 65th birthday.

Adding a Child (under 18) to DEERS:

The sponsor must have child's birth certificate and social security card. Adding a step-child also requires the marriage certificate in addition to the birth certificate and social security card.

Full-Time College Student Turning 21:

ALL College students 21-23 years old must bring a letter from their school registrar's office stating full time (carrying 12 or more credits) enrollment in an accredited college in pursuit of AS Degree or higher with expected graduation Date, sponsor or notarized DD Form 1172-2, and two forms of ID.


If you retired with at least 20 years of ACTIVE FEDERAL SERVICE, your ID card should say "Retired", and not "Retired Reserve". If you retired with at least 20 years in the Guard or Reserve (i.e. non-regular retirement), your ID card will state "Retired Reserve"; at age 60, you will receive your ID card which states "Retired". Newly Retired and Gray Area Retirees (Retired Reserve) must have their Retirement Orders (and CAC if you still have it) and two forms of ID. Already Retired need two forms of ID.

DAV ID Cards Issuance:

100 percent DAV ID Cards Only. No ID cards can be issued for less than 100 percent disabled veterans at DEERS facilities. Bring two forms of ID, your DD 214 which states rank separated as, AND your BENEFITS SUMMARY LETTER from the VA which states you are 100 percent permanent and totally disabled and the date it was awarded. If you are married or divorced, please bring all of the documents required to change a record which are listed above.

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