Mission:  Provide world-class airport, air traffic, and airspace services for Fort McCoy's transient fixed and rotary wing units. At a state-of-the art airport facility, units can accomplish Commander's Training Objectives, support manned and unmanned aviation assets, and execute integrated airspace de-confliction operations. This can be done in a decisive action training environment during the conduct of unified land operations in urban, rural, and unimproved conditions to ensure trained and ready aviation assets who will deploy to support joint and multi-component operational forces.

What does the Airfield have on site?

Fuel. Units requiring Class III Bulk POL support must complete an Authorized Customer Vehicle Identification Link (VIL) Key Request Form, ASC LRC Form 4300. (See LRC site.)  Units must have on file a valid DA Form 1687, Delegation of Authority - Receipt for Supplies (i.e. Signature Card) and Assumption of Command Memorandum for the receipt of VIL keys. The representatives of the Central Fuels Office are available in Building 495. Customers are responsible to ensure they establish proper funding prior to coordinating for receipt of VIL keys from the Central Fuels Office staff. VIL key support can be reached at (608) 388-7099.
Military Jet A++ available 24 hours Monday-Friday, unless coordinated NLT 2 p.m. the preceding Thursday prior to weekend training. VIL key enabled for trained users after hours. Coordinate through Airfield Operations.

Equipment Available.
20 x Motorola Radios/PRC-112
Small Aircraft Towing System (SATS)
4k / 6k Lift Truck, 2 x All-Terrain Vehicles
Full Sized Pick-Up Truck (limited)

Training Available.  Fort McCoy Airfield provides training on request for:
Tactical Air Traffic Control (limited)
Airfield Safety
Airfield Operations
Aircraft Fueling
Local flight line training can be coordinated through the Airfield Operations

What types of facilities are available?

Maintenance Space Available.
79,840 Sq. Ft. of Maintenance Hangar Space
In-Ground Auxiliary Power Station/Light Sets
Heat Controlled
QA/QC/Maintenance Shop Operations Areas
HAZMAT/Oxygen Storage Area
Overhead Crane with 10 Ton Capability
Limited MHE Capability up to 10K

Office Space Available.
131,238 Sq. Ft. of Office Space
Ten Furnished Office Spaces
Four Fully Equipped Conference Rooms
Three QA/QC General Purpose Shop Offices
Network/Printer Connectivity (NEC Approval)
IDS Capable
Sensitive Items/Weapons Vault
Four Fully Customizable Operations/CDR/1SG Offices
Updated FLIPs on Site
TACOPS room: NIPR Drops/Phone Lines, Radio, and Print Capabilities throughout Building

How can I get further information on training at the airfield?

Contact Airfield Operations by email or by phone: (608)-388-4107 or DSN 280-4107. Please fill out and attach the Sparta/Fort McCoy Airport Memorandum of Agreement.

Additional Resources.

Fort McCoy Airfield Training Capabilities

Fort McCoy Airfield Smart Card (Temporarily removed)

Airfield Manager (B6058).....(608) 388-4207

Aircraft Services (B6050).....(608) 388-3480

Air Traffic Control (B6058).....(608) 388-4586

ATC Chief (B6058).....(608) 388-7801

Aviation Safety (B6058).....(608) 388-4232