Department of the Army Civilians

Army civilians have a 230-year record of service and are a critical component of the Total Army Force Structure. Members of the Army Civilian Corps serve in all theaters and are deployed worldwide supporting the Army mission and the Global War on Terrorism. As the Army's missions have evolved and become more complex, so have the roles of Army civilians. Army civilians of yesterday, today, and tomorrow are and will remain integral parts of the Army team. It is a distinction civilians have earned due to their vital service to the Nation and the Army.

Army Contractors

Contractor support is integral to the Army's history. Contractors provided logistical support to the fledgling Army during the Revolutionary War and, according to General George Washington, the Army's supply improved with the advent of contractor support. Operational contractor support (OCS) -- a relatively new term -- refers to the essential logistical support contractors have provided to the U.S. Army since the founding of the Nation.