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Fort McCoy: A Mobilization Force Generation Installatio

Fo6742002.jpgrt McCoy is a primary inactive Mobilization Force Generation Installation, meaning it is capable of providing c6742000.jpgontinuous pre- and post-mobilization training support, combat preparation and sustainment capabilities.  Fort McCoy's MFGI is led by the 88th Readiness Division’s Deputy Commanding General – Mobilization. 

The purpose of the MFGI is to prepare and implement large-scale mobilization operations at Fort McCoy MFGI, in order to provide Combatant Commanders trained and mission-ready forces in a timely manner to support large-scale contingency operations around the world and secure our national interests.

Mobilization and demobilization are deliberate and focused events that occur at the MFGI. The MFGI provides deploying units an intense training environment to complete pre-deployment training and a focused environment to complete demobilization activities. The focus at the MFGI must be the efficient and effective execution of mobilization and demobilization activities consistent with military purpose and necessity. The MFGI has proximate Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) facilities to meet force generating throughput requirements.

6737297a.jpgMilitary Purpose and Necessity

Current operations, deployments, mobilizations, and training place US Armed Forces under First Army training-readiness authority and management throughout the continental United States. The high operational tempo combined with environmental stresses faced by U.S. Forces in training or those recently returning from an overseas deployment make it prudent to institute procedures to control certain activities in order to most effectively conduct training and demobilization processing.

Location: Building 2000

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