Community Relations supports the relationship between JBLM and citizens of the surrounding communities.

JBLM Garrison Community Relations works with I Corps, 62nd Airlift Wing, the I Corps Band and other Army and Air Force units to fulfill community support requests.

  • Community Requests - To request a guest speaker, marching unit, color guard, military equipment display, or military band, fill out DD Form 2536 and submit it via email, fax or mail (see below for contact info). Requests must be submitted at least 60 days before your event, because a legal review and coordination with units are required. 

Aviation requests are not reviewed by JBLM PAO. Use DD Form 2535 and submit directly to the service component public affairs office - Army, Air Force, Navy or Marine Corps - using the contact info listed in the directions for that form.

  • Disturbances caused by military training - Report noise, smoke, low-flying aircraft, or other disturbance caused by military activity using JBLM Form 761. Click here for more information. 

Submitting forms: