- Joint Base Lewis-McChord is home to I Corps and the 62nd Airlift Wing.


- Originally known as Camp Lewis, Joint Base Lewis-McChord was founded in 1917 and named after Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


- Created from the consolidation of Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base, Joint Base Lewis-McChord began operations in October 2010.


- The installation is home to approximately 40,000 service members and their families. We provide award-winning programs and support services in all areas, from morale and recreation to education and transition assistance.


- Joint Base Lewis-McChord occupies 627 square miles, 142 square miles in Western Washington and 505 square miles at Yakima Training area in the center of the state.




LATE NIGHT FIRING: JBLM units are conducting day and late-night training with 120 mm mortars and artillery from 6 a.m.  Tuesday, Aug. 13 to 11:59 p.m. Friday, Aug. 16. Local communities can expect to hear increased levels of training activity. Questions/comments about noise may be directed to the JBLM Garrison Public Affairs Office. Additionally, an element of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command stationed at JBLM is conducting a training exercise Aug. 12 to 21. The training will take place in the vicinity of Gray Army Airfield, McChord Field and in the JBLM training areas. The training will include day and night operations. Expect periods of increased air traffic, to include low-flying helicopters and airplanes. Increased air traffic and noise may be associated with a large airborne operation involving the Soldiers. Soldiers are being tested on their combat skills in a simulated urban environment similar to those they may find during combat missions. For more information about the training exercise, contact the USASOC Public Affairs Office at 910-432-6005.


JBLM ALERT SYSTEM:  The JBLM Alert System brings you urgent notifications re: emergencies, road closures, severe weather, utility service interruptions and PSAs from Pierce County and JBLM. It's fast, and it's free. Register up to 10 devices to receive alerts via phone, text message or email. Once your account is created, you can log in to add or remove devices at any time. Ensure you use the interactive map to pinpoint your work site or other location on  Americas Joint Base.


JBLM GARRISON COMMUNITY UPDATE:  Do you know what's happening on JBLM? Attend the JBLM Garrison Community Update the first Wednesday of every month for the latest information. The brief takes place at 9:30 a.m. at Nelson Recreation Center on JBLM Main, or at the Club at McChord Field. For more information, call 253-967-9496. Video from the latest update can be viewed here.

Sept. 11 - Nelson Rec
Oct. 2 - McChord Club
Nov. 6 - Nelson Rec
Dec. 4 - McChord Club


DONSA/FAMILY DAY/HOLIDAY SCHEDULE:  The following are the upcoming scheduled dates for Army’s Day of No Scheduled Activity and Air Force’s Family Days and federal holidays on Joint Base Lewis-McChord.


Aug. 30 - Army DONSA and AF Family Day
Sept. 2 - Labor Day

Oct. 11 - Army DONSA

Oct. 14 - Columbus Day

Nov. 8 - - Army DONSA

Nov. 11 - Veterans Day

Nov. 18 - Army DONSA
Nov. 28 - Thanksgiving
Nov. 29 - Army DONSA and AF Family Day

Dec. 24 - Army DONSA
Dec. 25 - Christmas Day
Dec. 26 - AF Family Day

Jan. 1 - New Year's Day

Jan. 2 - Army DONSA

Jan. 17 - Army DONSA

Jan. 20 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Feb. 14 - Army DONSA

Feb. 17 - Presidents Day


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