To locate a trainee call: (803) 751-5951

Basic Combat Training is not easy, in fact the 10 weeks may be the toughest thing the Soldiers will accomplish during their lives. Basic Combat Training is challenging and transforms civilian volunteers into well-trained, disciplined, physically fit, and motivated Soldiers who understand the importance of teamwork. After they graduate, trainees will be well versed in the seven Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage.

They will be trained by the most professional, highly-motivated drill sergeants and unit cadre, who will do their best to assist in the transforming of civilians into Soldiers.  Trainees going through BCT will undergo physical and mental transformations as they conduct physical training, walk dozens of miles on foot marches while carrying up to 35 lbs. of equipment. They will face their fears as they learn to work as a team.  They will become emotionally, mentally and morally resilient. They will learn combat skills such as land navigation, medical care, rifle marksmanship, how to throw grenades and moving under live machine gun fire.  They will negotiate obstacle courses and rappel from a 40-foot tower. They will spend several nights in the Fort Jackson forests sleeping and operating under the stars. They will be taught how to make their bunks, and the benefits of nutrition.

They will become American Soldiers.