Home Based Businesses (HBBs) are an important contributor to Army Family quality of life – New changes to procedures makes it easier and quicker to gain approval to operate an on-post HBB.

HBBs allow Families to work from their Army family housing, developing rewarding careers that follow them through PCS moves. The wide span of HBBs operated by Army Families includes:

  • Car repair/service
  • Hairdressing and hairstyling
  • Home baking and meal preparation
  • Pet grooming and pet sitting
  • Massage therapy
  • Retail sales from home


The Directorate of Family and MWR (DFMWR) is the single point of contact and entry for HBB applications on USAG Humphreys. DFMWR offers required HBB training via Army Community Services (ACS) for both on and off post residents. Requests for information can be made with ACS at DSN 757-2363/2369 or commercial 0503-357-2363/2369, Maude Hall, Building 6400.


Members of the community residing in Army Family housing must have HBB training and Garrison Commander authorization to conduct business in their assigned housing units on USG Humphreys. All personnel who desire to operate a HBB must submit their application thru DFMWR Financial Management Branch to the Garrison Commander for his approval.


Members of the community residing outside the installation fall into the “Community Participant” category. These individuals whom wish to participate in USAG-Humphreys events on the installation must also attend and provide proof of HBB training from ACS or have a Korean business license. Community Participants conducting a business off-post must strictly abide by Korean law.  Members of the community living off-post are not required to complete a HBB Application Memorandum.  The only requirement is to complete the online HBB Training which authorizes commerce “participation” on installation.  


The complete process to obtain approval to conduct a HBB from your on-post family housing

  • Step 1: Enroll in the on-line HBB training class at ACS in room B-101 in Maude Hall. When signing up for the training class, each individual will need to sign an Online Attendance Agreement and will receive an enrollment code which will be used to obtain credit for listening to the entire online training presentation. 
  • Step 2: On the day of the HBB training class, you must sign onto the ACS Facebook page and monitor the entire presentation to ensure all policies, procedures and restrictions that are presented are understood. Following the completion of the training class ACS will provide copies of all the HBB training material including the Application Memorandum as well as a HBB Training Certificate.
  • Step 3: Complete the Application Memorandum (On-Post Residents) only.  Complete all blocks on the top of the form. Ensure that a contact phone number and e-mail address are correct. Check each of the eight rules acknowledging that the applicant will meet those rules. Be sure to enter your current DEROS on the bottom of the form.
  • Step 4: Turn in the Application to ACS/Employment Readiness. In addition to the Application Memorandum, include copies of the Training Certificate and Command Sponsorship Orders. Optionally, include photos of HBB products or services. If the HBB product and/or service includes food products a copy of the health certificate and food handlers training class certificate are also required for both off-post “Community Participants” and on-post “HBB owners.”  A generic Good Health Certificate will be provided in the training material packet emailed to each attendee or the individual’s Primary Care Manager (PCM) may have his own form to use. To complete the form all residents in the household are also required to have a negative TB tine test and current immunization record. To schedule a food handler’s class, contact ACS.

CLICK for HBB Application for Permit

Don’t delay. Get your Home Based Business registered today or if you have any questions contact ACS/Employment Readiness Program.