AFTB provides training for a way of life that prepares everyone in America's Army to function at their highest level, in any situation, with minimal outside support. The training improves personal and family preparedness which enhances overall Army readiness. Please contact the ACS center for further information.

At this time, AFTB classes may be taken online at Classes are provided in English and Spanish.

Level I is composed of modules designed for the new to the Army Spouse or anyone interested in updating personal skills or basic knowledge. Classes include Military Terms, Customs & Acronyms and Chain of Command/Chain of Concern.

Level II is geared toward emerging leaders. Classes include Enhancing Relationship Building, Family Support Groups and Group Dynamics, to name just a few.

Level III courses offer training to enhance the professional growth and leadership development opportunities of family members, especially those who might assume advisory and mentoring leadership roles with the community and unit.

Whatever level or class you decide to take is a matter of choice. While some classes have prerequisites to allow the student to build on information previously given, it is a matter of your choice where and when you want to attend.