The AVC is a new way of thinking about volunteers and volunteering within the Army. It is an umbrella that encompasses all volunteers and organizations using volunteers. No matter where individuals volunteer in the Army community, they have the same goal. People volunteer to contribute to the Army, to Soldiers, and to their family members. The intent of the AVC is to recognize this commonality of purpose among all Army volunteers and to instill the same pride in being an Army volunteer as they now have for the organization where they provide their service. The establishment of the Army Volunteer Corps connects volunteers and demonstrates the Army's commitment to its volunteers.

How do I join the AVC?

  • There is no organization to join. You are a member of the AVC when you volunteer for any organization that provides service to Soldiers and families. Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM) is awarded to Soldiers who have volunteered per the installation's required hours. For permanent party Soldiers, 150 hours is required; and military students, i.e. MIOBC, AIT Soldiers, are required to fulfill a 100-hour requirement.
  • Please contact the ACS Center, 757-2373, for a listing of volunteer opportunities on/off post and for further information.