Strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army's workforce, to conserve manpower and enhance the combat readiness of Soldiers.

our objectiveS

  • Increase individual fitness and overall unit readiness.
  • Provide services which are proactive and responsive to the needs of the Army's workforce and emphasize alcohol and other drug abuse deterrence, prevention, education and rehabilitation.
  • Implement alcohol and other drug risk reduction and prevention strategies that respond to potential problems before they jeopardize readiness, productivity and careers.
  • Restore to duty those substance-impaired Soldiers who have the potential for continued military service.
  • Provide effective alcohol and other drug abuse prevention and education at all levels of command, and encourage commanders to provide alcohol and drug-free leisure activities.
  • Ensure all personnel assigned to ASAP staff are appropriately trained and experienced to accomplish their missions.
  • Achieve maximum productivity and reduce absenteeism and attrition among civilian corps members by reducing the effects of the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Improve readiness by extending services to the Soldiers, civilian corps members and Family members.

our programs

Drug Testing / 520.538.1289

At the Drug Testing Collection Point, our responsibilities are to train commanders' selected NCOs to become Unit Prevention Leaders (UPLs) who can effectively conduct substance abuse prevention activities in their units. Each unit is required to have a certified primary and an alternate UPL. Certification is good for 18 months and must be maintained in order to collect samples.

The Collection Point team is also responsible for the collection and performance of quality assurance of each specimen that arrives at our office. Quality assurance is performed to maintain the integrity of each specimen collected, make sure the proper testing code was used for a particular test and that chain of custody is maintained at all times in accordance with AR 600-85.

The Drug Testing Collection Point also conducts collections and processes civilian samples for designated testing positions.

Substance Abuse Prevention / 520.538.1284

The Substance Abuse Prevention program provides informative substance abuse prevention training to our Soldiers, leaders, civilian employees and other groups upon request. Our team of dedicated specialists are available to assist commanders and unit prevention leaders with unit-based substance abuse prevention programs and provide information and awareness to the community by promoting a variety of substance abuse prevention campaigns throughout the year.

  • For clinical services contact Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Center's Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care (SUDCC) at 520.533.5161.

Employee Assistance / 520.538.1284

The Employee Assistance Program offers short-term screening, intervention and referral services, crisis intervention, worksite intervention, consultation services, a wide variety of trainings and assistance. Our aim is to help employees identify and resolve personal problems that may negatively affect their job performance and well-being. EAP is available to assist management with addressing productivity issues.


Risk Reduction Program / 520.533.0282

The Risk Reduction Program (RRP) is a commander's tool designed to identify and reduce Soldiers' high-risk behaviors. The RRP focuses on effective use of installation resources and a coordinated effort between commanders and installation agencies to implement intervention and prevention programs. The RRP supports the Army's well-being program initiatives by integrating prevention and intervention programs into a framework contributing to performance, readiness and retention. The RRP also allows commanders to compare their units against others to determine if their unit requires command and/or other interventions.

Suicide Prevention / 520.538.1313