trusted traveler program suspended

Beginning at 6 p.m. Feb. 14, Fort Huachuca is suspending the Trusted Traveler program until further notice. Individuals with a common access card (CAC), military ID, military family member ID, Gold Star/Survivor Access ID, or other valid Department of Defense (DoD) credential, are permitted access to Fort Huachuca. All U.S. visitors, contractors and vendors, 18 years and older, who do not have a DoD identification card will be subject to a background check before being allowed access to the installation. This is to ensure Fort Huachuca is in compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, which requires 100 percent of visitors be vetted prior to entering the installation unescorted.

Starting July 29, 2022, the Trusted Traveler program, which is used at other Army Installations, was implemented at Fort Huachuca. When a driver produces a DOD-issued identification card (not an installation access badge), that person is asserting they are a trusted agent and other persons in the vehicle are not required to provide identification to the guard, unless requested.

If a rider in the vehicle does not have their own DOD-issued card, or an installation access badge, the rider has to remain with the trusted agent at all times while on post. The purpose of Trusted Traveler is to alleviate gate congestion while still providing a level of security.

The installation access badge is only intended for access to Fort Huachuca and cannot be used for Trusted Traveler. If a driver wishes to access Fort Huachuca using the installation access badge, all others in the vehicle will be required to provide access credentials. The process of scanning IDs at the gate will remain the same.

As for military retirees and their dependents, their Department of Defense-issued cards will continue to provide them access and also qualifies them as Trusted Travelers.

All current access cards will remain valid until their expiration date and there is no need to obtain a new card until the current one expires.

Here’s whose eligible for installation access badge:
Upon completion of a background check, the following people are eligible for a Fort Huachuca access badge:

  • Non-affiliated visitors will qualify for a badge that will be valid for up to one year from date of issue.
  • Contractors with no common access card will qualify for a badge that will be valid for one year from date of issue.
  • Federal employee spouses will qualify for a badge that will be valid for one year from date of issue, or may be made concurrent with spouse employee’s credential expiration date. Spouse employee must be present at the Van Deman Gate Visitors Center for issuing of the badge.


  • The Trusted Traveler program will be in effect at all access control points on Fort Huachuca.
  • A Trusted Traveler may sponsor up to six (6) personnel at one time.
  • Persons identified as trusted travelers are responsible for the actions of all occupants for whom they sponsor and for meeting all requirements for escort.
  • The Trusted Traveler program does not apply to accessing any facility or area inside Fort Huachuca.
  • Trusted Travelers cannot vouch for persons with foreign passports or ID cards.  All foreign visitors must adhere to current foreign visitor protocols.
  • Vehicle occupants must be in passion of a valid picture ID card, such as a REAL ID-compliant state driver’s license, State ID, Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card, or passport issued by an authoritative state or federal agency so they can be readily identified.
  • Occupants under the age of 18 that do not possess a valid picture identification card may be sponsored by an adult occupant of the vehicle that is cleared to enter the installation.
  • The trusted traveler program may be suspended due to Force Protection Condition level changes or changes in local conditions.
  • DOD contractors in possession of a CAC, although authorized unescorted access, are not authorized trusted traveler privileges.