The Physical Security Division safeguards U.S. Government property, facilities and personnel against loss, theft, damage, espionage or any other activities which threaten life, property and continuation of military operations.

Physical Security oversees access control to the installation, including visitor and special event waivers, and the Integrated Commercial Intrusion Detection System (ICIDS IV). All alarm inquiries should be submitted to the Physical Security office.

access control

Individuals with a common access card (CAC), military ID, military family member ID, Gold Star/Survivor Access ID, or other valid Department of Defense (DoD) credential, are permitted access to Fort Huachuca.

All U.S. visitors, contractors and vendors, 18 years and older, who do not have a DoD identification card will be subject to a background check before being allowed access to the installation. This is to ensure Fort Huachuca is in compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, which requires 100 percent of visitors be vetted prior to entering the installation. As of October 2020, all visitors must present a REAL ID Act-compliant identification to initiate the background check.

For more information and forms, see Visitor Access.


Physical Security Inspectors provide a range of services including writing & approving physical security plans, physical security inspections, risk assessments, lighting surveys, security reviews of building plans, installation perimeter checks & inspections, ICIDS IV alarm testing, oversight of the post-wide ICIDS IV program, monitoring and maintenance of garrison CCTV assets, and giving regulation-backed advice/guidance on physical security issues & problems.

Security Guards

Department of Army (DA) Security Guards provide courteous and complete protection to the Soldiers, families and civilians through professionalism, dedication and unwavering vigilance. They are responsible to exercise and apply established rules, regulations and legal authorities to access control and egress, and detect trespassing violations in order to protect life and property and prevent theft, sabotage, fire, terrorism and accidental or willful damage and destruction to Fort Huachuca.  For questions regarding DA Security Guards contact the Chief Guard at 520.533.8564.

weapons registration

All personnel (including, but not limited to active duty, retired, National Guard and Reserve military and their family members; Department of Defense employees and their family members; and civilians who are not affiliated with Fort Huachuca) who desire to maintain, frequently use, or transport a privately owned weapon on this installation will register the weapon(s) at the Van Deman Gate Visitor Control Center within seven days if the weapon is to be stored on post or if the owner intends to use the installation hunting areas or ranges.

Registration of the weapon does not replace or relieve individuals of their responsibility to comply with applicable federal, state and local laws regarding possession, purchase, sale, transfer and transport of weapons.

Weapons to be registered are NOT to be brought to the Visitor Control Center. Only bring the Weapons Registration Form and bill of sale (or other documentation) indicating the make, model and serial number is necessary.


Privately owned weapons in vehicles will be place unloaded in a holster case or scabbard and placed in the vehicle's trunk or luggage or glove compartment or place in plain view if the vehicle is not equipped with these storage areas. Ammunition will be transported separately from the weapon(s) in a location where both the privately owned weapon(s) and ammunition are not within reach of the driver and/or passengers. Motorcyclists may transport unloaded weapons in a holster.

Carrying concealed weapons on Fort Huachuca