Mission Statement

Maintain a Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion that is manned, equipped, and trained to deploy, conduct full-spectrum operations as part of a Tactical Headquarters, Army Forces (ARFOR), Joint Forces Land Component Commander (JFLCC), or Joint Task Force (JTF), and on order, redeploy.



The 10th Mountain Division’s Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion is a special troops battalion of the United States Army headquartered at Fort Drum, New York. It is the organization for the command elements of the 10th Mountain Division. The battalion contains the division's senior command structure, including its Headquarters and Headquarters Company, as well as communications, intelligence, operational and support elements and the 10th Mountain Division Band, which provide services to any units assigned to the Headquarters at a time.

Activated to oversee division elements before World War II, the battalion fought in Italy for a year. After the war, it served as the command element for the 10th Mountain Division when it was a training unit. Due to reorganizations in the Army, the Special Troops Battalion was not reactivated with the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) in 1985, and instead remained inactive while the division served in numerous contingencies throughout the 1990s.

Reactivated during another reorganization in 2004, the Special Troops Battalion supported the 10th Mountain Division command elements when they deployed to both Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq. During this service, the battalion received several commendations for its multiple deployments.

In October 2009, the Special Troops Battalion was redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, 10th Mountain Division (LI).


(Last updated July 2019)

Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion (HHBN)

(315) 772-8120

Bldg. 10640, South Riva Ridge Loop

Fort Drum, NY 13602

Hours of Operation:

Staff duty:  24 hours

Subordinate Units: