Freedom of Information Act

The Directorate Human Resources is the central liaison for all Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) requests, and referrals for the Garrison and mission partners, excluding the Medical Research Material Command (MRMC). All requests are received by the Record's Manager and forwarded to the appropriate organization for processing. All requests are processed in accordance with the FOIA/PA authority, AR 25-55 CLICK HERE FOR FORM .


In accordance with 5 United States Code, section 552, any individual may submit a FOIA request for records by mail, fax, or electronic mail (E-Mail). Requests must be in writing. Telephonic requests will be not be accepted. If you send the request by E-Mail, you must include a postal mailing address since it may not be practical to provide a substantive response electronically. Government E-Mail accounts should not be used to send FOIA's according to the Ethics Counselor, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate.


Mailing Address:



U.S. Army Garrison

ATTN: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

1520 Freeedman Drive, Suite 231

Fort Detrick, MD 21702-5020




Comm (301) 619-8095


You should provide as much information as possible about the records you are seeking if you do not know the exact title of the records. The more information you can provide about the record, such as its author or date, the more expeditiously your request will be processed.


You must also indicate a willingness to pay for the records and can specify you wish to be notified if the amount exceeds a certain dollar amount. The amount charged depends on the type of request as follows:

  • Commercial: Requesters should indicate a willingness to pay all search, review, and duplication costs.

  • Educational or Noncommercial Scientific Institution or News Media: Requesters should indicate a willingness to pay duplication charges in excess of 100 pages if more than 100 pages of records are desired.

  • All Others: Requesters should indicate a willingness to pay assessable search and duplication costs if more than two hours of search effort or 100 pages of records are desired.


Not all agency records may be releasable. While we do not have the authority to deny the release of records at our level, if the records are determined to be exempt from disclosure by Fort Detrick, then FOIA requesters will be notified that the records have been sent to the Initial Denial Authority for final releasable determination.

Below is the Freedom of Information Act Request Form for Military Police/ Fire Reports

FOIA Requests This Office Does NOT Process

Military Personnel Records

For active duty military enlisted personnel records, contact:


U.S. Army Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center

Attention: PCRE-RP

Indianapolis, Indiana 46249-5301

For active duty commissioned and warrant officer personnel records, contact:


U.S. Army Total Personnel Command


Alexandria, Virginia 22332-0405

For Army officer personnel discharged or deceased after 1 July 1917 and Army enlisted personnel discharged or deceased after 1 November 1912, contact:

National Personnel Records Center

Military Records Facility

9700 Page Avenue

St. Louis, Missouri 63132-5100

For Army National Guard commissioned officer or warrant officer on active duty, contact:


National Guard Personnel Center


4501 Ford Avenue

Alexandria, Virginia 22302-1450

For Army National Guard enlisted soldier on active duty, contact:

The Adjutant General of the soldier's state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or territories of Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands (as appropriate).

For Army Reservist not on active duty, contact:


U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Center


9700 Page Avenue

St. Louis, Missouri 63132-5200

Civilian Personnel Records

Records for civilian personnel at Fort Detrick are maintained by the Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA):

Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC)

1541 Porter Street

Fort Detrick, MD 21702-5020

Phone: 301-619-2247.

For separated or retired civilian personnel records:

National Personnel Records Center

111 Winnebago Street

St. Louis, Missouri 63118-4261

To request civilian personnel records you will need to submit a written request that includes: Your Name, Serial Number/Social Number, Date of Birth, Address, City, State, and Zip Code.