USAG Fort Detrick Safety Concerns


 Top 3 Safety Deficiencies

    1. Electrical

    2. Improper Storage of Hazardous Materials

    3. Training


 Top 3 Mishap Causes

    1. Slips, trips and falls - same level

    2. Overexertion (Sprain/Strain)

    3. Struck By



The Installation Safety Office is committed to serving the safety and occupational health needs of the Fort Detrick community.


The Safety Office develops installation regulations and guidelines to meet the Department of Defense and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s accident prevention plans, and to provide focus and continuity to installation-wide safety program efforts.


Base support operations include: worksite inspections, safety program management audits, system safety and engineering design and review, safety and occupational health education, hazard assessment and tracking, and accident case management, which are used to keep Fort Detrick free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious physical harm.


The Installation Safety Office works with commanders and directors in meeting mission objectives while incorporating installation safety standards. The concern for the safety of the Fort Detrick community extends beyond the work place, as safety awareness and education is provided for home and off-duty activities.


The top priority of the Installation Safety Office is to safeguard and protect service members, their families, civilian employees and Army property, as well as to create the safest workplace and living environment possible. Safety office personnel advise, audit and assist commanders and managers in executing their safety and occupational health program in order to protect the mission, prevent injury and damage, comply with the law and limit liability. The safety office also manages the installation Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course.



Safety Bulletins

2023-2024 Safety Bulletins

April 2024 Safety Bulletin_Distracted Driving

March 2024 Safety Bulletin_Choosing your ladder

November 2023 Safety Bulletin_Deer Avoidance

October 2023 Safety Bulletin_Hunting Safety

September 2023 Safety Bulletin _ Eye Injury Prevention

August 2023 Safety Bulletin_Back to School

July 2023 Safety Bulletin_Heat Injury Prevention

July 2023 Safety Bulletin _ Lightning Safety

 March 2023 Safety Bulletin _ Ladder Safety

Training: Local Hazards

Local Hazards Training

Overview: Local Hazards Briefing meets the intent of DoDI standard 6055.04 and AR 385-10, 24 July 2023, Chapter 13, Section 13-18. The course fulfills a requirement of the Army Traffic Safety Training Program (ATSTP) and is mandatory for all new civilian and military personnel. This briefing orients all newcomers to the local driving hazards, laws, and regulations of the surrounding areas.

Location: Bldg. 1520, Classroom 3

Class Hours: 1400-1530

Who Should Attend? All newly assigned Fort Detrick civilian and military personnel.

Notes: Individuals who require special services or accommodations due to a disability should advise this office immediately (wheelchair access, interpreter, etc).

Class Hours: 1400-1530

  • 27 NOV 23
  • 19 DEC 23
  • 30 JAN 24
  •  27 FEB 24
  •  26 MAR 24
  • 29 APR 24
  • 21 MAY 24
  •  24 JUN 24
  •  30 JUL 24
  • 27 AUG 24
  • 30 SEP 24
  •  28 OCT 24
  • 19 NOV 24
  •  17 DEC 24

Course Manager: (301) 619-3295,
Installation Safety Office Main Number: (301) 619-7318

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Training: Unit Safety Officer (USO)

Requires CAC Login
One Time Training
Optional for Contractors

Launch Training

  • From the ATRRS home page, scroll down and  click on "COURSE CATALOG" in the ATRRS Quick Links section.
  • Enter course number (2G-F95_DL) or the complete course title (Unit Safety Officer Course) in appropriate search blocks:
  • Click on "Search the ATRRS Catalog"
  • Click on the selected Course Number
  • Click on Register
  • Click on the CAC selector then LOGIN.
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Training: Risk Management

Risk Management

Mandatory One Time Training
Requires CAC Login
Optional for Contractors
Required for Soldiers and Civilians

Launch Training

  • Go to ATRRS,, and click on "Course Catalog."
  • For Civilians: On "Course Number" type "2G-F104_DL_" and press Search
  • For Military: On "Course Number" type "2G-F97_DL_" and press Search
  • Click on the course number.
  • Register for the course.
  • Launch content.
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Training: The Employee Safety Course (ESC)

The Employee Safety Course: Rights and Responsibilities (ESC)

One Time Training
Requires CAC Login
Not required for Supervisors
Optional for Contractors

Launch Training

  • Top center of page, on the "Search Courses" field type "ESC"
  • Click "Search"
  • Click on the selected course.
  • Register for the course.
  • Launch the course.
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Training: Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication

Mandatory for anyone who works with, handles, or stores hazardous materials. One time training requirement but recommended as an annual refresher.

Launch Online Training

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Training: Intermediate Driver Training

Intermediate Driver Training

Target Audience: All newly assigned Fort Detrick military personnel less than 26 years of age.

Overview: Intermediate Driver Training is a mandatory training AR-385-10 11-3 for all Army soldiers, less than 26 years of age. This training reinforces the initial traffic safety training course.


  • Login using your CAC
  • Under Region, Select Northeast
  • Under Garrison, Select Fort Detrick
  • Once the calendars appear, select the desired class
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Training: Leaders Safety and Occupational Health (LSC)


Optional for Contractors
Requires CAC Login

Launch Training

  • Click in Course Catalog
  • In the Course Number write "2G-F107_DL", or in the Course Title type "LSC"
  • Register for the course.
  • Launch the course.
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