Weather Alerts
27 Nov 2023 11:21
There are currently no Weather Watches/Warnings for Fort Campbell, KY.

Weather Alerts Definitions

Who issues weather alerts for Fort Campbell?

Weather alerts for Fort Campbell may take place at different times than what is issued to our local communities by the National Weather Service. With Fort Campbell covering four counties over two states, information from the National Weather Service and from Detachment 4, 18th Combat Weather Squadron is used to localize the weather forecast for the installation. Det. 4, 18th Combat Weather Squadron is a group of Air Force service members stationed at Fort Campbell with the task of providing Battlefield Weather Airmen to support the 101st Airborne Division and the brigades. The airmen train for tactical weather operations and to deploy with their 101st Airborne Division counterparts so they can provide units with information on how the weather will impact their mission. In their day-to-day operations, they also support the installation and focus on operations at the airfields which means they can provide alerts during severe weather for the community. Information the airmen gather is also used by the National Weather Service.

It is not uncommon for alerts to be issued hours before severe weather is projected to take place and covering a longer time span than alerts from the National Weather Service. This is to allow units to secure equipment, such as aircraft, before a storm and to take precautions for the safety of personnel.

Observed Lightning Warnings

Lightning warnings are issued without lead-time as observed/upon occurrence and are valid until cancelled.

Weather Watches

Weather Watches are issued when conditions are favorable for the formation of tornadoes, severe thunderstorms with damaging hail and/or damaging winds, damaging winds, freezing participation, or heavy snow. A watch is intended to heighten awareness. A watch may or may not be followed by a warning. A warning may or may not be preceded by a watch.

Weather Warnings

Weather Warnings are a special notice provided when an established weather condition of such intensity poses a hazard to property or life is occurring or is expected to occur. A warning may or may not be preceded by a watch.

For answers to questions about severe and winter weather at Fort Campbell, visit the Severe/Winter Weather Frequently Asked Questions page.