ALERT! Quick Reference Guide

The Department of the Army mandates all military, civilian and contractor personnel register in the ALERT! notification system. ALERT! is our primary means of notification so if you have not already done so, please register to ensure you get all important updates on post operations and other emergency situations. In non-emergency situations, email and text are the primary notification means. If you previously registered and did not receive text notifications, ensure you have the "receive SMS" box on the registration page.

Registration must be done by a CAC holder. Registration is simple and can be done from the Campbell Intranet Home page -- Click on the big ALERT box -- or by visiting ⚠ from a government computer. Follow the prompts and fill out the information. The process takes about 3 minutes. You must provide at least two points of contact; the system does not allow for just one. You can add up to 10 phone numbers and 10 emails. Update your information any time there’s a change. Click submit  once you have filled in your information and you should get a confirmation popup.

See the instructions in the registration guide above, or download the PDF, and remember:
1. You must enable SMS in order to receive text messages on a phone number.
2. If you mark a number as shared, the system will continue to try to contact you on other numbers on your profile. This is because the system cannot confirm you personally received the message.
3. If you do not acknowledge the message, the system will continue to call the number (up to three times). Listen to the entire message and follow the prompts to confirm you have received the message.
5. Spouse and dependent contact information can be added to your account profile.
5. Due to the number of complaints of excessive calls, we revised our ALERT! policies and will not use the phone option on non-emergency messages. They will only go out via pop-up, text, and e-mail (Must have SMS checked).
6. Some individuals have reported blocking the ALERTS! number, (703) 454-0563, after initially signing up (prior to Nov. 11, 2019) due to the number of calls from the system. This will also block text messages to that number. We encourage you to unblock the number as we have revised our ALERT! policies.
⚠ Denotes a CAC enabled link