Outdoor SirenAn important means of leadership keeping the community informed about severe weather and events which could impact the installation are outdoor sirens, also known as the Giant Voice. These sirens are very effective in warning residents who may be outside training, working in the yard, at ball games, or any other outdoor activities where access to media outlets may not be available.

Outdoor sirens are designed specifically to be heard outdoors rather than indoors, especially in the more modern quarters with more efficient insulation or with the TV on or music playing. If you are indoors and hear the siren sounding, this is probably due to your proximity to a siren broadcasting an alert message.

Fort Campbell has outdoor sirens, like the one pictured, within and around the cantonment area.

The Emergency Operation Center (EOC) also uses other means of mass notification in conjunction with the Giant Voice in keeping residents informed. The most personal notification is the ALERT! system, which sends alerts as soon as an event occurs. Leadership highly recommends that Soldiers register Spouses and Family members. This method of mass notification gives the EOC the capability to contact subscribers via home phone, work phone, cell phone, text message, and email. Visit our ALERT! page for information.

The Digital Garrison app is another means of notification. If you download the app from your mobile device's app store, create an account, select Fort Campbell, and enable push notifications from within the app, you'll receive emergency notifications from Fort Campbell. You can also choose to enable text messages through the app for emergency messages. Information is also posted as announcements on the Digital Garrison app. The app is a free resource and is a partnership between IMCOM, AAFES, and MWR.

Other communication means include Fort Campbell’s internal and external websites, Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram.
If you hear the outdoor sirens and cannot understand them, refer to the sources mentioned above for detailed information about the warnings and for further guidance.

Fort Campbell residents should also know that if they hear sirens going off in the surrounding communities, such as Oak Grove or Clarksville, it doesn’t mean Fort Campbell will be sounding our sirens.

The installation has its own weather detachment personnel who monitor conditions 24-hours a day. Detachment 4, 18th Combat Weather Squadron is part of the 15th Operations Weather Squadron out of Scott Air Force Base and provides the EOC with current weather updates and changes as they occur. The EOC then pushes out those messages to the entire installation as soon as they are received. The work of Det. 4 is why Fort Campbell is able to provide severe weather alerts that may be different from our surrounding communities.