Before making travel arrangements, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR FAMILY READINESS SUPPORT ASSISTANT OR THE REAR DETACHMENT COMMANDER FOR THAT UNIT. They will be able to confirm the arrival time and information listed here.








The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) will host a Welcome Home Ceremony for all returning Screaming Eagle Soldiers.

Families and friends are welcome to attend. 

Post Access Requirements

Fort Campbell is a restricted access post. Guards at the gates conduct a 100% identification card check of all vehicle operators/passengers and pedestrians entering the installation.

Visiting family and friends attending the Welcome Home Ceremony should enter through either Gate 7 or TC Freeman Gate.

  • All personnel without a valid DoD Identification card (CAC, Retired ID, and Dependent ID) and have not received an access pass will be required to stop at the Visitor Control Center, show proper identification, vehicle insurance, vehicle registration and be vetted for access prior to entry. Personnel that have previously accessed Fort Campbell and have valid credentials will continue directly to the gate for access. Non US Citizens may be required to be escorted by DoD ID Card holder and sponsored in writing at the Visitor Control Center. Further information may be provided at the Visitor Control Centers.
  • Visitor Control Center TC Freeman Gate: 5004 Screaming Eagle Blvd.
    Open 5 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily. From 9 p.m. - 5 a.m. visitors will proceed to the TC Freeman search building
  • Visitor Control Center Gate 7: 7199 Glider Rd.
    Open 5 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. daily. From 12:30 - 9 p.m. daily non-commercial traffic and visitors will be routed to the TC Freeman Visitor Control Center.


Due to limited parking at the Welcome Home Ceremony site, please contact your unit FRSA or Rear Detachment for further parking instructions.

Unit Points of Contact

1st Brigade Combat Team (270) 798-6019
2nd Brigade Combat Team (270) 412-3539
3rd Brigade Combat Team (270) 798-6018
101st Combat Aviation Brigade (270) 412-0167
101st Sustainment Brigade (270) 798-2356
101st DIVARTY (270) 798-3346
101st HHB (270) 798-5029
52nd Ordinance Group (270) 798-7173
531st Hospital Center (270) 798-7552
716th Military Police Battalion (270) 412-0895
2-44th Air Defense Artillery Battalion (270) 798-7331

What To Expect

Be flexible! Our Soldiers are coming home on contracted airlines. Flight arrival times often change based on weather, mechanical issues, or a variety of other reasons. The ceremony times listed on this site may change at any time. Call your unit point of contact if you have questions or concerns.

Flights may arrive early; you should plan to arrive at the ceremony site two hours before the projected ceremony time. Ceremonies will not be delayed to wait for the arrival of family members.

Volunteers will be on site with free beverages and snacks. If you or your children have specific dietary needs, please bring those items with you.

There is plenty of seating and space available to wait for the flight to arrive. Additionally, families and friends will be allowed to go outside prior to the aircraft landing to cheer the Soldiers arrival.

Members of the media are invited to each Welcome Home Ceremony. Feel free to talk to them if you wish.

After the Soldiers disembark the aircraft, they will remove equipment and form up outside of the ceremony site. They will then march into the facility for a brief (3-5 minute) ceremony.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Soldiers, family, and friends will reunite for 15 minutes.

At the conclusion of the reunion, the Soldiers will depart to turn in equipment at their unit area.

Family members will immediately receive a short reintegration briefing onsite prior to departing back to the Family Parking Area. The unit points of contact will provide strip maps showing the location of the unit area where the Soldier can be picked up once equipment turn-in is completed.

What Not To Bring

Pets of any kind (certified guide dogs are the exception)



Balloons are permitted in the PPC, but they cannot be carried onto the flight line.

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Thank you for joining us in welcoming home our Screaming Eagles.