Road Conditions
07 May 2023 07:04
Fort Campbell Road Conditions are Green.

Road Conditions Definitions


Proceed with normal operations. No risk. No safety threat to the public due to weather conditions. No restrictions on military/tactical vehicles.


Hazardous road conditions in exist in some areas. Moderate risk, some roads and overpasses slippery, reduced visibility. Drivers must slow to 10 mph below the posted speed limit to maintain traction and a safe stopping distance. Roads maybe icy or snow packed in places, especially secondary roads. Clearing operations are making primary roads passable. Military/tactical vehicle restriction: exercise extra caution; off-post dispatches minimized (approved by unit Motor Officer); tires chains installed (determined by unit Commanders).


Extreme risk; all roads made hazardous by snow, ice, or greatly reduced visibility. Most intersections present difficult or NO stopping conditions. Black ice or ice sheeting has made driving hazardous. Some roads have snow packed areas and some roads are icing over. Driving more than 10-15 mph causes vehicles to lose traction and safe stopping distances are significantly increased. Driving is allowed; however, extreme caution is advised. Restrictions: Emergency mission essential vehicles only (dispatches approved by unit Commander during non-duty hours); qualified, licensed assistant driver required for off-post dispatches and vehicles dispatched outside the main cantonment area; tire chains.


Road conditions are extremely hazardous and pose high risk. Roads made hazardous by heavy snow, extreme sheet ice, heavy flooding or greatly reduced visibility with primary roads impassable. Travel by privately owned vehicle is highly discouraged and should only be considered in emergency situations. No movement of military/tactical vehicles. Emergency vehicles only (Fire, Law Enforcement, Ambulance).